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Is a rabbit a herbivore carnivore or omnivore? A rabbit is an herbivore. A rabbit is an herbivore, as it eats nothing but plants. Savia Gomes. + 13 others found this ...


Apr 7, 2010 ... What eats rabbits? What do rabbits eat? What animals eat a rabbit? ... rabbit eats and which natural enemies or predators kill and eat rabbits. ... An OMNIVORE is an animal that mixes vegetation and other animals into its diet.


Technically, no. Their digestive system is optimized for vegetation. But this is not to say bunnies ... Answered May 16, 2016. Rabbits are herbivores, which means they eat only vegetables and plant-based foods. 803 Views · 1 Upvote · More ...


Omnivores are similar to both carnivores and herbivores because they eat both ... Jerboas, roadrunners and rabbit eared bandicoot are all omnivores in the ...


Rabbits are a vital part of the diets of several animals, including many carnivorous ... Birds That Eat Rabbits ... Types of Mockingbirds · Are Crayfish Omnivores?


An omnivore is an animal that eats food from both plants and animals, which may ... Jerboas; Kit fox; Rabbit-eared bandicoot; Raccoons; Ravens; Roadrunners ...


who eat plants and animals which are omnivores. The end of the ... Food Chain: The Rabbit eats the grass and the Rabbit is eaten by the Wolf Living Together

Feb 27, 2012 ... The world premiere of...CARNIVORE RABBIT! Alice snuck up behind me, stole my steak bone off the plate, and proceeded to EAT THE STEAK!


A fox eats the rabbit. ... Omnivores naturally eat both plants and animals. ... Omnivore; Carnivore; Decomposer. Herbivores eat only plants. Which one of these ...


Rabbits are Herbivores (Answer to Pop Quiz) True! Rabbits are herbivores, which means they eat only vegetables and plant-based foods. The primary foods in ...