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Water vapor


Water vapor, water vapour or aqueous vapor, is the gaseous phase of water. It is one state of water within the hydrosphere. Water vapor can be produced from ...

Explaining how the water vapor greenhouse effect works


What this argument misses is the fact that water vapor creates what scientists call a 'positive feedback loop' in the atmosphere — making any temperature ...

It's Water Vapor, Not the CO2 - American Chemical Society


It's true that water vapor is the largest contributor to the Earth's greenhouse effect. ... water vapor to the atmosphere could produce a negative feedback effect.

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The greenhouse properties of water vapor are usually considered as part of a feedback loop ... Watch the video produced by Kimberly Carter Gamble - link.

The Water Cycle | Climate Education Modules for K-12


Aug 9, 2013 ... This includes water vapor produced by plants during transpiration, water from lakes, streams, puddles and soil moisture, direct evaporation of ...

Water Vapor : Global Maps - NASA Earth Observatory


The units are given in centimeters, which is the equivalent amount of water that could be produced if all the water vapor in the column were to condense.

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solid substance produced by the freezing of water vapour or liquid water. At temperatures below 0 °C (32 °F), water vapour develops into frost at ground level  ...

Turning Natural Gas Into Water: Hydraulic Fracturing Doesn't ...


Apr 6, 2012 ... When one molecule of methane is burned, it produces two molecules of water vapor. When moles are converted to pound/mole, we find that ...

Greenhouse Gases: Introduction | Monitoring References | National ...


Many greenhouse gases occur naturally in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, methane, water vapor, and nitrous oxide, while others are synthetic.

ELI5:Won't Hydrogen cars produce a lot of water vapor - to the point ...


Oct 27, 2015 ... So, I have 2 scenarios that I'm considering. 1: Hydrogen cars replace all cars. Won't this put a lot of water vapor into the air? Isn't water...

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What is water vapor?


Nov 27, 2010 ... If you see a cloud, fog, or mist, these are all liquid water, not water vapor. ... creates water vapor) is stronger than its greenhouse warming effect.

The Role of Water Vapor in the Earth's Climate


Those who want to ignore the direct water vapor role in climate claim falsely that .... Therefore the water vapor produced in a year from burning natural gas is ...

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Water vapor is formed from either evaporation or heating of liquid water, or from the sublimation of ice. In nature, water vapor is continuously produced by ...