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Southern Copperhead Agkistrodon piscivorus ... Corn Snake. ... Redbelly Water Snake. ... White (66) Red (31) .... Black (2) White (2) Tail bottom scale divided. Yes (67) No (2) Tail plain black ... 16. Bands, 56. Blotches, 108. Solid, 3. Stripes ...

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Photos of North Carolina snakes. ... NORTH CAROLINA SNAKE PICTURES ... copperhead, cottonmouth, pigmy rattler, Canebrake rattler, diamondback ... Gray Rat, Black Rat, Black Racer, Light Racer, Brown Water, Coachwhip ... Corn color 1, Corn color 2, Common Garter, Striped Garter, Rough Green, Smooth Green.

Black Rat Snake


The Black Rat Snake is the largest snake in Virginia, growing up to eight feet long . It is mostly black, ... The belly is also white. Black Rat Snakes ... Copperhead.

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State, only two are venomous, the Northern Copperhead and Timber. Rattlesnake. Although ... This slender, brown or gray aquatic snake has a yellowish stripe along the lower ... these snakes have a gray or black belly in West Virginia) and 15 rows of .... shiny black Eastern Kingsnake has a vivid yellow or white chain-like.

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May 15, 2006 ... with black half-moon spots scattered across the belly scales. .... is often mistaken for the venomous copperhead snake due to its head color, ... Its lateral stripes are greenish-white and are located on scale rows three and four.

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Photos of Pennsylvania snakes. ... photo–Dan Tredinnick, Black rat snake photo– Walt Buckman ... photo–Ron Evancho, Northern Copperhead photo–Tom Diez ...

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Black Rat Snake (neonate), gray, black, blotched, white, black, linear multicolor ... Redbelly Water Snake (neonate), tan, brown, rust, banded, cream, no pattern ... Eastern Garter Snake (red phase), red, yellow, striped, cream, no pattern ... Northern Copperhead Snake, orange, tan, brown, banded, pale pink, spotted. Eastern ...

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A double row of dark spots often appears between the stripes. ... Copperhead ... Garter Snake. Eastern Rat Snake blotches outlined in black. Its belly is white ...

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Nov 19, 2008 ... Belly is black and white checkered becoming gray near the tail. ... They sometimes have black stripes down the back and light blotches on its neck. ... Copperheads, like all snakes, will leave you alone if you leave them alone.

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Unknown Bright Bands Blotched Speckled Striped Two-Tone Unicolor. Belly Pattern. Unknown ... Black Rat Snake range ... Eastern Copperhead (Formerly Copperhead) range ... Plains Black-headed Snake (Plains Black-head Snake) range ...

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Apr 25, 2013 ... The black rat snack is a perfectly harmless snake that you may encounter in your garden. .... Description: Copperheads have an unmarked copper-colored head, and ... Description: The back is dark olive or black, the belly is paler. .... and longitudinal stripes in colors of red, yellow, blue, orange or white.

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They had real white bellies and when in the sun, they were a bronze, copper like ..... She said it was a black snake with a yellow belly and yellow stripes on its ...

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Safety Precautions in Copperhead Country ... (Northern Ring-necked Snake) Average Length: ... (formerly Elaphe obsoleta obsoleta (Black Ratsnake) Average  ...