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Gautama Buddha


He is believed to have born in Lumbini,presently in Nepal. He lived ... definite opinions gave dates within 20 years either side of 400 BCE for the Buddha's death.

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Gautama Buddha, the historical Buddha, lived between 563 and 483 BC in the area known now as the .... Before the Buddha's death, he became severely sick.

Buddhist View on Death and Rebirth


In the teaching of the Buddha, all of us will pass away eventually as a part in the ... To Buddhism, however, death is not the end of life, it is merely the end of the body ... Not performing evil deeds, keeping our heart and mind pure, doing no harm, ... However it is now believed that it was only after he had passed away that he ...

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To what refuge should the Buddha's followers turn after his death? ... "When he dwells contemplating the body in the body, earnestly, clearly comprehending, ...

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The Buddhist monk must refrain from eating meat if he 'knows, hears or infers' that it ... The idea then that Buddha died of eating pork is wholly absent from the .... the Buddha's earthly semblance, and is told that there is no objection to doing so.

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On the first three trips, he saw sickness, old age and death. ..... Mahayana stresses following the Buddha's example of going out into the world and doing good.

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Because his mother, Maya, died seven days after his birth, he was raised by his foster ... He was also known as Sakhya Muni, meaning an ascetic of the Sakhya tribe. ... Doing his best to prevent his son from becoming a monk, Suddhodana ...

The Story of Buddha's Enlightenment

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As you read the story of Buddha's enlightenment given below and on the following ... The fortunetellers explained that the queen would give birth to a son, and he would be a great leader. .... Now he learned of death and the rites of cremation.

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Actually, he was born Siddhartha Gautama and the term Buddha was a title ... His mother died seven days after the birth, and he was raised by his aunt, the ...

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The park where the Buddha died is a popular place for the local people to picnic. ... He passed through Nalanda, Patna and Vesali, probably with the intention of ...

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The Buddha died of old age, when he was eighty years old. The death was triggered by his body reaction to a dish of wild mushroom. He died peacefully and ...

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May 15, 2001 ... It is composed in a narrative style that allows readers to follow the story of the last days of the Buddha, beginning a few months before he died.

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So he used even his own death and their sadness as a time to remind them of what their real task was. What he's actually doing is inviting those who are close to ...

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Just prior to his death he was traveling back towards his birthplace, teaching, as usual, along the way.

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As his ill-will and jealousy towards the Buddha increased, he became the ... Although Devadatta was an evil monk, he had many admirers and followers. ... he sincerely regretted his actions, and wanted to see the Buddha before he died. But the fruits of his evil karma had begun to ripen and prevented him from doing so.