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I have a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet piano built in the 1950s with key cover a. ... I would say if you have plastic in the action, and if the tuning has not been done in a ... A good student will see through the spinet in the first year and complain...but ... How old is my Lester Betsy Ross Spinet 36 inches tall Serial number is 1395.


I have a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet Serial Number 107114. I'm . ... When was this piano made and how much is it worth? Is it one that the ... Now, if you can talk someone into giving you a few $$ for it, take the money and run, don't walk...RUN .


I just received a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet piano the serial number on it is. ... My 7 yr old loves the piano and wants to learn would this be a good piano for him to ... Just looking for the year anyone please feel free to help or chime in on my first ...


Established in 1888 in Philadelphia, Lester built a full line of pianos for decades under several different names including ... The Lester Piano Company is most famous for their 'Betsy Ross Spinet', a small upright piano manufactured for years after about 1930. ... Can you find your instrument listed in these antique catalogs ?


Expert: Tyler, MM, AAGO replied 5 years ago. ... The Betsy Ross spinet pianos by Lester were a popular line for a while. Based on the serial number (which is going to be the first number you listed) this piano was built in 1955. ... are able to take a minute once the process is over to leave some I would greatly appreciate it .


Weight of one spinet Spinet Piano; Type of Piano: Spinet. Length:58 ... What year would a Lester Betsy Ross Spinet piano be with the serial number 66392?