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A gnat /ˈnæt/ is any of many species of tiny flying insects in the Dipterid suborder Nematocera, especially those in the families Mycetophilidae, Anisopodidae ...

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The tiny flying insects that many people call “gnats” could really be fruit flies or fungus gnats. Depending on species ... The larvae eat the fruit when they hatch.

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The fungus gnat is a bit of a pest. Not because it bites people, but because in large numbers these flies can damage the roots and stunt the growth of seedling  ...

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Larval and adult fungus gnats have similar diets, but adults stick to food found aboveground and larvae eat foods they can find the the soil. These creatures are  ...

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Some adult Fungus Gnats feed on flower nectar, but these insects do most of their ... Fungus Gnat larvae (young Fungus Gnats) eat fungi, decaying wood, and  ...

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I was hiking the Appalachian trail a couple of years ago and was besieged by hordes of gnats. The little monsters swarmed around me, and I ...

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Why do my home and office seem to be infested with gnats in the summer? ... or throw them away if you aren't going to eat them and they're "past their prime.

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A gnat is a very tiny insect, no bigger than the head of a pin. ... A gnat (say: NAT) is one of a family of insects that includes flies and ... What You Should Do.

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The flies themselves don't do any damage. It's their egg ... Contrary to popular belief, Hypoaspis will not eat fungus gnat eat eggs or pupae. They can attack and  ...

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Dec 22, 2013 ... Fungus gnat larvae eat fungi and plant roots, and can kill your ..... Also when I put the dirt in the microwave I usually do it for 1 minute then use a ...
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Dec 29, 2008 ... There are gnats everywhere and they're making us crazy. And it's not .... They eat fungus/mold that grows on top of constantly moist potting soil.

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Jul 26, 2011 ... In fact, some adult gnats don't even eat during their short lifespan. ... "We're not trying to create paranoia or anxiety, but I do think our findings ...

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Sep 19, 2015 ... I have been studying fungus gnats, and the adults do not eat. They collect fungus and plant it with their babies , larva/eggs, (I am not sure what ...