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The oldest recovered boat in the world is the Pesse canoe, a dugout made from the hollowed tree trunk of a Pinus sylvestris and constructed somewhere ...

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However, the very first sea-worthy boats were most probably built long before that , about 800,000 years ago, not by Man but by his predecessor Homo Erectus, ...



HISTORY OF BOATS AND SHIPS including Messing about in boats, Egypt and ... Boats of all these kinds have been made by technologically primitive ...

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Ships and boats are used for travel, by the armed forces for our defence, for fishing, ... Later, people made the first real boats by hollowing out logs. logboat.

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The first boats are believed to have been built by the prehistoric hominid species, Homo erectus. The oldest boat to be recovered archaeologically is the Pesse ...

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The first sea-worthy boats were thought to have been invented around 800000 years ago by Homo erectus. In human records, the first sign of a boat was found ...

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Some of the first boats were likely invented and used by the Egyptians and Mesopotamians as far back as 3000 BC. These ancient civilizations used anything ...

Oldest boat built by 'shell-first' method found in Israel | ISRAEL21c


Nov 29, 2006 ... A shipwreck found off the coast of Israel's Dor Beach south of Haifa is the oldest boat in the world built by the “shell-first” method. The oldest ...

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The first boats were made very early indeed in the Neolithic stage of culture by riverside and lakeside peoples. They were no more than trees and floating wood,  ...

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Rafts, boats and ships, their construction and use. ... As there was very little wood available, the first vessels were made of bundled papyrus reeds. Simple rafts ...

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A: The era of the steamboat began in America in 1787 when John Fitch made the first success... Read More »
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Q: When was the first boat made
A: The first ship was invented by the Egyptians.In addition they created a system of mathematics,& more. Read More »
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Q: When was the first boat made.
A: The first boat was made around 7000 B.C. in the middle stone age. Read More »
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A: The first boat was made in 1954 Read More »
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