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edit]. In 2012, folding sunglasses were re-released by Ray Ban. This feature allows a smaller storage space when not in use ...

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Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear market and by far the best- selling ... USA Shop: Free Shipping and Free Returns · Ray-Ban · Sunglasses ...

Are authentic Ray-Bans really being made in China? | eBay

Luxottica is the manufacturer for Rayban, they have factories both in Italy and China, as far as I know, all the sunglasses are made in Italy except models RB ...

How do I identify the originality of Ray-Ban sunglasses? - Quora

All sunglasses made ​​by Luxottica (1999 onwards) have carved the word RAY- BAN followed by the width of the lens and the length of the ...

Sunglass Hut To Customer: Italy And China Are The Same, Don't Be ...

Aug 31, 2010 ... Brett tried on a pair of “Made in Italy” Ray-Bans at a Sunglass Hut and liked them, but they were the display model so he had to come back to ... Are Ray Ban Sunglasses Made&v=B-CJlY4q0LM
Oct 14, 2014 ... Consumers still believe because Ray-Ban sunglasses made in China that they are fake. This is not true.

Customer Reviews: Ray-Ban RB3362 Cockpit Sunglasses

I bought this amid the mixed reviews here ranging between these being fake ( made in China) and these being real. I received mine yesterday and I can say that ...

Are Some Ray-Ban Sunglasses Made in China? | Sunglasses and ...

Apr 25, 2011 ... Because some Ray-Ban sunglasses are currently manufactured in China, it DOES NOT mean they are not authentic sunglasses. Granted ...


Apr 7, 2013 ... Counterfeit Ray-Ban sunglasses vary in quality; some will be obviously fake, but it can be difficult to distinguish between a well-made pair of ...

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Q: Where are Ray Ban sunglasses made?
A: People says the authentic ray ban is designed by Italy and made in U.S A. But it seems most rayban has made in Italy on the sunglasses. LOL. Read More »
Q: Where are Ray Ban sunglasses produced?
A: Ray Ban Sunglasses are. nearly. all produced in Luxottica's factor in Agordo, Italy.  Some Ray Ban sunglasses  are, in fact, made in one of Luxottica's two fact... Read More »
Q: Where  can I buy good Ray-ban sunglasses in SFBA?
A: Ray Bans, like a lot of high quality glasses, are usually priced right at the MSRP.  Ray Ban doesn't allow much fluctuation since the cost is so high.  The marg... Read More »
Q: Where are ray bans made?
A: Currently made in Italy. Read More »
Q: What country are ray ban sunglasses made in?
A: Rayban Sunglasses are manufactured in Italy. Read More »