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300 BCE), sometimes called Euclid of Alexandria to distinguish him from Euclid of Megara, was a Greek mathematician, often referred to as the "father of ...

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The life of Euclid is not well documented, but it is known that he lived in Athens, Greece for a time. He is also known to have taught in Alexandria, Egypt....



Euclid actually made few discoveries. He did make a few, but very minute ones. His books, the Elements, are based on the works of people before him.

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Biography of Euclid (about 325 BC-about 265 BC) ... Euclid did not work out the syntheses of the locus with respect to three and four lines, but only a chance ...

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Euclid's story, although well known, is also something of a mystery. He lived lots of his life in Alexandria, Egypt, and developed many mathematical theories.

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Euclid was a renowned Greek mathematician, known as the 'Father of Geometry'. This biography ... Top 10 Facts You Did Not Know About Euclid. The name ...

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The Greek mathematician (math expert) Euclid wrote the Elements, ... Some believed Euclid was the son of a Greek man who was born in Tyre and lived in ...

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Euclid of Alexandria was born about 325 BC and he died about 265 BC He is ... It is said that this treatise may make Euclid the leading mathematics teacher of ...

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nineteenth century, that there could be no geometry besides that delineated by Euclid, he did not realize what he had done; and although Gauss had the first ...

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Q: Where did Euclid live?
A: Euclid was born in Megara, In fact 100 years before the great mathematician, Euclid of Alexandria, there was a Euclid of Megara. Pretty weird, Huh? I hope this ... Read More »
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Q: Where did euclid live.
A: Africa, the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia. Read More »
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Q: Where did euclid live?
A: There is no known record of exactly where Euclid lived. There is evidence that he was born in Greece, educated in Athens, and taught at the university in Alexan... Read More »
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Q: Where did Euclid live.
A: Euclid was born in Megara, In fact 100 years before the great mathematician, Euclid of Alexandria, there was a Euclid of Megara. Read More »
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Q: Where did Euclid of Alexandria live?
A: Alexandria. Alexandria, the second-largest city of Egypt, with a population of 4.1 million, extending about along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in the nort... Read More »
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