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The Aberfan disaster was the catastrophic collapse of a colliery spoil tip in the Welsh village of .... When word of the disaster reached him, Robens did not immediately go to the .... Not villains,...

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(The Tribunal of Inquiry later established that the disaster happened so quickly that a telephone warning would not have saved lives.) Down in the village, ...

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1 day ago ... AT 9.15am on Friday, October 21, 1966, a disaster struck a small Welsh mining community which would devastate the village for a generation.

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2 days ago ... The moving mountain of coal sludge after the disaster at Aberfan Credit: PA Wire ... It didn't register... what did she mean? I came out of the ...

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1 day ago ... TODAY marks the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, a devastating mining ... How did the Aberfan disaster happen – timeline of the day.

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Oct 14, 2016 ... '116 of our friends died in Aberfan disaster - we feel guilty we survived ... on the hillside just above Moy Road where the disaster happened. ... There was an assembly for the whole school first and then we all did some reading ...

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Photographs of the Aberfan Disaster 1966, Merthyr Tydfil. ... Vale tower above the Pantglas area and if they were to move a very serious situation would occur'.

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2 days ago ... Country remembers the 116 children and 28 adults killed when 150000 tonnes of coal waste fell on village school.

The Aberfan disaster: What happened in Wales 50 years ago? | The ...


2 days ago ... More than 100 children were killed when the village was covered with 1.4 million cubic metres of mining debris.

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Aberfan lies on the banks of the River Taff and was overlooked by the tips of the ... be done to spoil tips to make sure that disasters like this do not happen again?

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Your memories of the disaster in the Welsh mining village which left 144 people ... Little did he or any of us know know the consequence of what had happened.

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6 days ago ... A simple guide to what happened on the day of the Aberfan disaster, which ... Unfortunately they did not have a telephone, so were unable to ...

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The Aberfan disasterDid you know? Merthyr Tydfil ... If the slip had happened just a few minutes earlier, many of the children's deaths may have been avoided.