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The Aztec people were certain ethnic groups of central Mexico, particularly those groups who ..... once their city-state was conquered, and the Aztecs did not interfere in local affairs as long as t...

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Aztecs lived throughout the area now known as Central America. The Aztec capital city was Tenochtitlan, which was in the area of modern-day Mexico...

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Ancient America: The Aztec, the Maya, the Inca - HistoryWiz Ancient ... The Mayan people did not disappear and continue to live in Mexico and Central America.

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The Aztecs wandered around Mexico for about 200 years before they settled down in ... Rather than start a war for a place to live, the Aztecs settled down in the ...

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Feb 26, 2014 ... The Aztec Empire flourished between c. ... When the conquistadors finally did arrive from the Old World sailing their floating palaces .... brought up with the understanding that the dead lived on in another form that still required ...

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The Aztec Empire was located in the central and southern regions of present ... Since the Aztecs lived on an island in the middle of Lake Texcoco, they had to ...

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Learn interesting information about the Aztecs for kids. Find out more about Aztec ... such as beans and squash. What did the Maya, Aztecs, and Incas eat? › ...

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What type of homes did they live in? Wealthy people lived in homes made of stone or sun-dried brick. The king of the Aztecs lived in a large palace with many  ...

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May 23, 2013 ... Tenochtitlán was an Aztec city that flourished between A.D. 1325 and 1521. Built on an island ... As Tenochtitlán's empire grew so did its trade.

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The Aztec referred to themselves as Culhua-Mexica, to link themselves with Colhuacán, the ...... Not only did La Malinche live in the house almost 500 years ago.

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The Aztec Empire dominated Mesoamerica from Mexico and Guatemala to the territories of Salvador and Honduras for nearly 100 years. This empire consisted of the native speaking people known as the Nahuatl-speakers and those of the Culhua-Mexico.
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Find out more about the history of Aztecs, including videos, interesting articles, ... How and why did the once mighty Aztec Empire crumble in the 16th century?

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How did this ancient Aztec art fit with the culture of its day? Find out here! ... Ancient Aztec clothing: What would you be wearing if you lived in ancient Mexico ?



HISTORY OF THE AZTECS including Mexico City, Aztec sun rituals, ... centre of a widespread empire and it does so much more rapidly, stretching across central ...