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Camels do not directly store water in their humps as was once commonly ..... a meal in and of itself; a nomad can live on only camel milk for almost a month.

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Jun 3, 2014 ... Though many people think that camels only live in hot climates, they do well in temperature ranges from 20 degrees F (minus 29 degrees C) to ...

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Arabian or dromedary camels, which have one hump, live in Northern Africa, Southwestern Asia and Australia, while Bactrian camels, which have two humps,  ...

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Bactrian camels live not in shifting Sahara sands but in Central and East Asia's rocky ... When camels do refill, however, they soak up water like a sponge. A very  ...

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Where do camels live? There are two types of camels in the world: the bactrian and Arabian. The bactrian camel has two humps and is found in the deserts of ...

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Camels do not store water in their humps. The hump is actually ... The hump itself can be 30 inches tall and they can live to be 80 years old. Camels don't really ...

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Camels have been domestic animals for thousands of years. Arabian camels may once have lived wild in Arabia, but none of them live in the wild today. There  ...

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Well, not exactly, but a camel's humps do store fat, which the camel uses for energy ... Question: What do camels eat? ... Question: How long do camels live?

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There are two types of camels in the world: the bactrian andArabian. The bactrian camel has two humps and is found in thedeserts of eastern and.

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The majority of these shy animals live in the Gashun Gobi (Lop Nur) desert in China ... one-humped, dromedary camels have a small second hump that does not ...

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Q: Where Do Camels Live
A: Camels are native to Asia and live in desert regions. Today, they can be found in Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The biggest population of... Read More »
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Q: Where do camels live.
A: Africa. Read More »
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Q: Where do camel's live?
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Q: Where do camels live?
A: There are two types of camels, the first the bactrian camel is found in the desserts of eastern and northern Asia. The second is the Arabian, which is found in ... Read More »
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Q: Where do camels live?
A: Answer Camels live in deserts and are mostly found in Egypt Answer: There are two types of camels in the world: the bactrian and Arabian. The bactrian camel has... Read More »
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