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A magnet is a material or object that produces a magnetic field. This magnetic field is invisible .... The magnet does not have distinct north or south particles on opposing sides. If a bar magnet i...

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Jul 7, 2010 ... Some magnets are natural (lodestone and magnetite are naturally occurring), and some magnets are man-made. The magnets made in the ...

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Magnets come from an ore, magnetite, which can be found in different types of Earth's rocks. The rocks are ... Do magnets stay on cars while they move? A:.

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The boyfriend and I were watching a Mythbusters we saved from earlier, and they were trying to use powerful magnets to climb ductwork.

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Sep 6, 2013 ... Magnetism keeps the universe together. James May explains, along with magnetic fields and how they are present in everything in this ...

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So what's the deal with permanent magnets? They spend energy attacting ferrous materials. Where does the energy come from that resupplies what was spent ...

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Oct 3, 2010 ... Answer to the science question: From where do magnets obtain their "energy" ? ... Virtual particles come about by trying to simplify these nasty ...

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Aug 15, 2014 ... Magnets come in four flavors: Ferromagnets — which include substances like iron and nickel ... Magnetism is light: Why do magnets stick?

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Sep 16, 2010 ... Magnets are the unsung heroes of the Modern Age. However most people don't really understand what are magnets made of and how they even work. The issue is. ... How Do Magnets Work. [/caption] We have all played with ...

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However, did you know that there is a lot about magnets at the atomic level that isn't known yet? ... How does the force vary with the distance between them?

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Jun 5, 2013 ... If a permanent magnet can do this forever, from where does this energy come from? How can it not run out of energy? Doesn't it contradict with ...

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Apr 19, 2015 ... Magnets are complicated. This fact is pretty well illustrated by how hard it is to predict whether a given material will make a good magnet or not.

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Dec 9, 2007 ... From where do permanent magnets get their energy or power? ..... sure) to come together to form what we call a magnet with it's magnetic force.