Several otter species live in cold waters and have high metabolic rates to help keep .... Unlike most marine mammals (such as seals or whales), sea otters do not ...

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Who What Where How River otters can be found all across the United States except for in the desert and the Florida Keys. They live in both freshwater and ...

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The two types of otters -- sea otters and North American river otters -- have very different habitats and locations. River otters are found in noncoastal water areas  ...

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Otters are found on every single continent in the world except for Australia and Antarctica. ... Otters prefer to live in bodies of water that are close to land offering them wetlands or the woods close by. ... CopyScape Protected Do not Copy

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The North American River Otter is the only river otter found north of Mexico. Its luscious ... River otters live in all types of habitats. The only ... What You Can Do » .

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Where do they live? North American river otters occur throughout Canada and the United States, except for areas of southern California, New Mexico, and Texas ...

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River otters generally live alone or in small social groups. Communication: River otters ... Do your kids love animals and outdoor fun? Order our award-winning ...

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They are territorial and their territories cover 1 - 3 km along the sea shore and 5 - 20 km along freshwater rivers and lakes. Otters do not migrate and live in their ...

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might die of the cold. What do they eat? Otters mainly eat fish. Those otters which live in freshwater habitats are particularly fond of eels, young salmon and trout.

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The inquisitive, playful otter is one of Britain's best known and loved wild ... Otters have been known to live up to 10 years, but most do not reach the age of five.

Popular Q&A
Q: Where do otters live?
A: Sea Otters live in the ocean and River Otters live in fresh water rivers. Read More »
Q: Where do Otters live?
A: i don't no man i need the answer == Answer == Otters live near rivers, springs, streams, lakes, and some in the sea. Read More »
Q: Where Do Otters Live?
A: Otters are found in lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in forested areas. Anonymous Read More »
Q: Where do otters live?
A: River otters are found in lakes, streams, rivers, and ponds in forested areas. They also spend a lot of time on land. River otters are found all along the east ... Read More »
A: The River Otter used to live in most of North America but today, they are mainly found in the northern areas. There are many reasons for this ... hunting and tr... Read More »