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River dolphins, alongside other cetaceans, belong to the clade ... off their list of aquatic mammal species and subspecies and currently does not recognize these ... Some species of cetacean live in...

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Also known as the pink river dolphin or boto, the Amazon river dolphin can only live in freshwater. It is found throughout much of the Amazon and Orinoco River ...

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Many people assume that all dolphins live in saltwater so this is interesting to learn if you weren't aware of it. There are several subspecies of River Dolphins to  ...

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The Pink river dolphins are freshwater dolphins who live in the Amazon river and the Orinoco River.

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The Amazon River Dolphin (Inea Geoffrensis) also referred as the Boto Dolphin is one of the ... These dolphins may live in pods that only contain 2 members.

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The Amazon river dolphin, also known as pink river dolphins, is becoming vulnerable in certain areas due to dams and contamination of rivers and lakes.

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Up to 9 feet (2.7 meters) long and 300 pounds (136.1 kilograms), Pink River Dolphins are the largest freshwater dolphins in the world.

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There are only four species of river dolphin still existing in river, lakes and estuaries in certain parts of the tropical Southern Hemisphere. River dolphins are also ...

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The Amazon River dolphin averages about 6.5 feet in length. They come in all shades of pink, from a dull gray-pink, to rosy colored pink, to a bright pink like that  ...

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Dolphins that live in captivity may have shorter lifespans than those in the wild, despite ... For example the Amazon river dolphin ( a freshwater dolphin) has a life  ...

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Q: Where does the pink river dolphin live?
A: no one knows where it lives Read More »
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Q: Where does the pink river dolphin live.
A: The Amazon and Orinoco Rivers. Read More »
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Q: Where pink river dolphin live?
A: heven. Read More »
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Q: Where do river dolphins live?
A: The Pink river dolphins live in the Amazon river and the Orinoco River systems which Read More »
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Q: Where do the endangered Indus river dolphins live.
A: It lives around: South asia, southeast asia, East asia, central, and south america. It is endangered in pakistan, near the indus river. the people had overfishe... Read More »
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