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234: Stantler 236: Tyrogue » Smeargle 235: Smeargle. Pokédex · Flavor; Locations. Kanto. FireRed, LeafGreen. Walking in tall grass or a cave. Altering Cave.

Aug 19, 2009 ... how to find smeargle. whackwhak ... Pokemon Leaf Green how to get to Birth Island And How to Capture Deoxys - Duration: 4:30. KiroRedYork ...


Ruby, SMEARGLE marks the boundaries of its territory using a body fluid that leaks out from the tip of its ... Leaf Green, A special fluid oozes from the tip of its tail.


Pokédex entry for #235 Smeargle containing stats, moves learned, evolution chain, location and more! ... LeafGreen, A special fluid oozes from the tip of its tail .


Mar 1, 2008 ... For Pokemon LeafGreen Version on the Game Boy Advance, Series ... on Route 207 (Pokeradar) 235: Smeargle R - TRADE S - TRADE FR ...


For Pokemon FireRed Version on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs ... Zone (except Smeargle, which is at Artisan Cave at the Battle Frontier in Emerald).


Smeargle is best known for its ability to use the move Sketch, which permanently copies the last move .... LeafGreen, A special fluid oozes from the tip of its tail.


Also has anyone got any idea's on wha.., Pokemon FireRed Questions and ... The only way to get a Smeargle off of fire red is to trade it or to use a Action Replay ...


You can't just catch zubats in altering cave you can catch several Pokemon such as Smeargle,Houndoor,Teddiursa,Mareep,Pineco,Shuckle etc. After you ...