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Every coastal area and river estuary is potentially threatened by tsunamis, but ... Scientists estimate that almost three quarter of the world tsunamis occur in the ...

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Tsunamis occur most often in the Pacific Ocean and Indonesia because the ...

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There is evidence that the Australian coast may have experienced large tsunami during the past few thousand years. This evidence is revealed through deposits ...

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Tsunamis occur most often in the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Center for Tsunami ...

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Tsunamis can actually occur anywhere, but there are areas of the world where they are more likely to happen. Most Tsunamis occur around the Pacific Ocean ...

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Feb 27, 2012 ... Most tsunamis are caused by underwater earthquakes but not all ... The amount of smaller tsunamis that occur is unknown because the effects ...

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Tsunamis are large, often destructive sea waves, which are usually caused by ... of a tsunami, because some large earthquakes do not result in a tsunami, and some ... Most tsunamis occur around the Pacific Ocean because of the high level of ...

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Tsunamis are caused by violent seafloor movement associated with earthquakes, ... Ninety percent of the world's earthquakes occur along the Ring of Fire.

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Kids learn about tsunamis including what causes them such as earthquakes, where they occur, why they are dangerous, and what happens during a tsunami event. ... Although tsunamis are sometimes called tidal waves they have nothing to do with the ocean's tides. The series of waves ... World Biomes Biomes and ...

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In fact, "... most tsunamis do not result in giant breaking waves (like normal surf waves at the ... They occur in the water and often are triggered by earthquakes. ... below) representing the distribution of tsunamis in the world's oceans and seas: ...

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Where do tsunamis occur? ... Generally the danger of a tsunami occurring exists where earth- and lake-quakes are ... From observations of scientists and historical sources, we know today that Tsunamis can occur in all larger seas of the world.

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Most tsunamis, about 80 percent, happen within the Pacific Ocean's “Ring of Fire, ” a ... Some tsunamis do not appear on shore as massive breaking waves but instead .... from a rare perspective, as firefighters open a window into their world.

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Tsunamis occur with the most frequency in the Pacific Ocean and around Indonesia. This is because of the properties of the Pacific Rim; it has a high number of ...