Despite the name, there is no need for passwords to be actual words; indeed ... In 2013, Google released a list of the most common password types, all of .... of interception of passwords sent over ...

Unmasked: An Analysis of 10 Million Passwords - WP Engine

As you can see, and probably already know, the most common passwords are all ... And more than one in five people who added those numbers simply chose 1. ... with other more common patterns, like leet speak (adding numb3rs to words to ... to this keyboard pattern being among the most commonly used in passwords.

Most Commonly Used Password List – Avoid It | PC Security

Nearly 50% of users used names, slang words, dictionary words or trivial ... The most common password among account owners is “123456”.

Yahoo Mail password leak: the most commonly used words.

Jul 14, 2012 ... Among the most common passwords from the Yahoo Mail leak: "monkey. ... More interesting are the most frequently used “base words,” ...

Revealed: The most common passwords used online in the last year ...

Oct 25, 2012 ... An annual study of the most commonly used passwords has found that .... (all words in single syllables), and managed to obtain private pics of ...

Your Top 20 Most Common Passwords - Tom's Hardware,9486.html

Jan 22, 2010 ... Almost half of users used names, slang words, dictionary words or trivial ... keyboard keys, and so on), with the most common password being "123456". ... Dark Helmet: So the combination is... one, two, three, four, five?

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Apr 1, 2012 ... In the middle of our top 10 most common passwords sits the word “Monkey”. While nobody knows why this word keeps coming up as among ...

What's My Pass? » The Top 500 Worst Passwords of All Time

Nov 30, 2008 ... Don't blame me for the offensive words; you were the ones who picked ..... Ah. I was just scrolling down to comment on the fuckedupedness of number five. .... Or maybe just made up – I couldn't find any links to sources among the .... Here's a list of 500 of the most common passwords (*Caution, some of ...

Letmein, 123456 and some very naughty words: The world's most ...

Jun 11, 2012 ... Almost five per cent of computer users chose top choice 'password', according to a new study ... Among the list are also quite a few naughty words. ... Curve: A graph showing how often the most common passwords are used.

Stop using these 25 passwords today | InfoWorld

Nov 22, 2011 ... Most Popular: ... as "123456" or "qwerty" among the top 25 most commonly used passwords of 2011, ... Swapping out the "o" in "password" for a zero won't protect you from a ... Other users evidently attempt to avoid overly common words or ... Top five reasons why SIEMs are fail...

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Q: Which five words are among the most commonly used passwords?
A: 1st - 123456. 2nd - 12345. 3rd - 123456789. 4th - Password. 5th - iloveyou. Read More »
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Jan 21, 2014 ... New words like "photoshop" and "princess" are among this year's most common passwords. Did yours make the list?

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Jan 26, 2010 ... The 10 most commonly used passwords on the Web have been ... of users used names, slang words, dictionary words or trivial passwords ...

Which five words are among the most commonly used passwords

1st - 123456 2nd - 12345 3rd - 123456789 4th - Password 5th - iloveyou .

Which Five Words Are Among The Most Commonly Used Passwords?

Answer (1 of 2): This article lists the 50 commonest passwords on Gawker ... then these passwords will not be used, and the site will probably be more secure.