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Any combination of these three traits can produce a source that is usable for ... The first published source for any given fact is always considered a primary source. ... This page deals primarily with the classification of reliable sources in terms of .... you very likely have a string of primary sources, rather than one primary, one ...


In the study of history as an academic discipline, a primary source is an artefact, a document, ... For example, a memoir would be considered a primary source in research concerning its ... of classifying sources is to determine their independence and reliability. ... These can be distant from the original source of the document.


If no reliable sources can be found on a topic, Wikipedia should not have an article on it. ... The following examples cover only some of the possible types of reliable sources and ... party may also meet the necessary criteria to be considered reliable sources. .... The proper uses of a questionable source are very limited.


Would be considered a very reliable primary source? Would be .... Which of the following would be considered the best primary source? An original letter written  ...


Which of the following would be considered a source of error in an experiment? Laboratory mice are ... Would be considered a very reliable primary source?


Start studying Primary and Secondary Sources. ... primary source. The reporter was talking about the really big storm in Chicago last year that she experienced.


Students will learn what a primary source and first person testimony are, and the ... How does studying these documents differ from reading a chapter on the Civil ... the reliability of different forms of evidence, the impact of personal accounts on  ...


Analyzes and interprets primary sources; Second-hand account of an ... historical photographs, and other primary sources for the advanced research scholar. .... This is helpful, but very wordy so basically primary research is first hand ... group's own primary sources) to understand its internal structure and workings would be ...


Oct 4, 2011 ... All of these questions came up during the Library of Congress' ... Students will most often work with primary sources that have been digitized.