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Magnetism is a class of physical phenomena that are mediated by magnetic fields. .... The first discovered magnetic substance, magnetite, is a ferrite and was  ...

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The most popular legend accounting for the discovery of magnets is that of an elderly Cretan shepherd named Magnes. Legend has it that Magnes was herding  ...

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Magnets have been known since antiquity and occur naturally through a mineral known as magnetite. Magnetite is an iron oxide and contains a high ...



We'll never know—it happened such a long time ago . . . Maybe someone picked up a piece of “magnesian” rock on an Aegean coast and noticed the piece of ...

History of Magnetism and Electricity


In 1831, Faraday found the solution. Electricity could be produced through magnetism by motion. He discovered that when a magnet was moved inside a coil of ...

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Our ancestors noticed that certain rocks were attracted to each other. They also noticed that this force could be transferred onto certain metallic objects!

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There are several stories about who discovered magnets, the most common story is that it was discovered accidentally in Greece by a shepherd, he noticed that ...

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Mar 16, 2015 ... I think the ancient Greeks are credited for most discoveries in science, so probably discovered the first magnet too. They know how to make iron ...

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The most popular account for the discovery of magnets is a legend of a shepherd named Magnes who lived in Magnesia near Mount Ida in Greece Mount Ida ...

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There are many legends that tell us about the discovery of magnets. One of the most common, is that of an elderly shepherd named Magnets, who was herding ...

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The first magnets were not invented, but rather were found from a naturally ... that the Greeks discovered naturally occurring magnets of magnetite in Turkey.

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Because magnets are naturally occurring, their presence has touched many different cultures. It's difficult to know precisely who discovered magnets. While most ...

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We have seen fridge magnets, other decorative articles, and even some toys that use ... But have we thought of who must have discovered magnets and when?