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History of photography


The history of photography has roots in remote antiquity with the discovery of the principle of the camera obscura and the observation that some substances are ...

Vivian Maier Photographer | Official website of Vivian Maier | Vivian ...


The official website of photographer Vivian Maier. Showcasing photo galleries, information about exhibitions, print sales, books and documentary film.

The First Photograph


The First Photograph, or more specifically, the earliest known surviving photograph made in a camera, was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827.

History of Photography and the Camera - Inventors - About.com


The complete history of photography a word derived from the Greek words for light and writing first used by Sir John Herschel in 1839.

Vivian Maier - Her Discovered Work


Nov 22, 2013 ... Each photograph in this self portrait book was first printed by a master printer then scanned into the plates of the book. The book essay is by ...

Who Discovered Photography?


Modern photography was discovered by two French inventors in the 1800s. Louis Daguerre invented the daguerreotype, the first modern camera.

Who Discovered Photography? Learn About Niepce & Daguerre ...


May 20, 2011 ... Want to know who discovered photography? The initial invention of photography cannot be credited to just one person. Joseph Nicephore ...

photography, still: The Invention of Photography - Infoplease


Photography's basic principles, processes, and materials were discovered virtually simultaneously by a diverse group of individuals of different nationalities,  ...

The Best Street Photographer You've Never Heard Of | Mother Jones


Little did he know that he'd discovered Vivian Maier. ... (One photography scholar I spoke with suggested Terkel and Maier would have made a formidable pair, ...

How Marilyn Monroe Was Discovered by David Conover | Danamo's ...


David Conover was born in Missouri, June 26, 1919. Near the end of the Second World War he was in California and studied photography. He was an army ...

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Q: Who Discovered Photography?
A: Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Jay Jerome Read More »
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Q: Who discovered photography?
A: Dr. William Draper, an Englishman by birth, was a professor of chemistry at New York ... Read More »
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Q: Who discovered Photography?
A: Mr M Daguerre invented it in 1839. The first photos were called daguerrotypes after him. Today the word 'daguerrotype' refers to a type of photo developed by th... Read More »
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Q: Who discovered Digital Photography?
A: ok it came from film being scanned, they just made the sensors smaller and portable in a camera body - not going to explain why films still better......a $500,0... Read More »
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Q: Who discovered hypo fix and the words photograph and photography?
A: Sir John Frederick William Herschel (1792-1871) Read More »
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