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Jelly beans are small bean-shaped sugar candies with soft candy shells and thick gel interiors. The confection comes in a wide variety of colors and flavors, and ...

The History of Jelly Beans - Candy Favorites


This article is about various kinds of jelly beans and how they became one of the most popular candies in the world!

The earliest known reference to jelly beans is from Boston confectioner William Schraft in 1861, though they are thought to have evolved from the popular confection Turkish Delight.
The became a popular treat in the early 20th century, and their fame grew when president Ronald Reagan declared them his favorite treat.

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Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans were based on a ... of a mixture of the original Jelly Belly jelly bean ...

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Blueberry flavor was created for Ronald Reagan's presidential inauguration in 1981 when over three tons of Jelly Belly beans were consumed during the ...

Origin of the Jelly Bean or, Why Are They Called Beans?


The exact origins of the jelly bean are lost in time, and only a part of its history is known. ... The shell coating is an offspring of a process called panning, first invented in 17th ... Candymakers have always made candy into novelty shapes.

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The story of Jelly Beans from CandyWarehouse.com, America's favorite online Bulk ... Finally, in the 17th century, the French invented a process called panning. ... drops of a gooey mixture called slurry: add a coating, and you get a jelly bean!

Meet The Man Who Invented Jelly Bellys And Then Sold The Rights ...


Jun 22, 2011 ... The 22 colleges that have students with the highest SAT scores .... He's the guy who invented the Jelly Belly. ... after many statements to the contrary, that he did not in fact own the rights to the Jelly Belly trademark and that he ...

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Q: Who invented jelly beans and when?
A: They've been enjoyed ever since the times of ancient Rome and are even mentioned in the Bible! The only that's changed is the Read More »
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Q: Who invented the jelly bean
A: No one knows who invented the jelly bean but historians believe a form of it dates back to the 1700s! Read More »
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Q: Who invented jelly beans?
A: The great-great jelly bean ancestor first appeared in the 1800s, but jelly candies of one kind or another have been around for thousands of years. "Turkish Deli... Read More »
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Q: Who invented jelly beans?
A: Nobody knows exactly for sure who the inventor of the modern jelly bean is, but most agree it was an American candy maker. Jelly beans are another historical my... Read More »
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Q: Who invented jelly beans?
A: Answer The great-great jelly bean ancestor first appeared in the 1800s, but jelly candies of one kind or another have been around for thousands of years. "Turki... Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com