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A computer is a device that can be instructed to carry out an arbitrary set of arithmetic or logical .... The first modern analog computer was a tide-predicting machine, invented by Sir William Thomson in 1872. The differential analyser, a ...


Apr 21, 2017 ... Konrad Zuse has been called the "inventor of the modern computer" for his series of automatic calculators first developed in 1936.


Nov 10, 2011 ... If someone up and asked you "who invented the computer," how would ... that he, not Turing or Zuse, is the true father of the modern computer.


2 days ago ... The complete history of when the first computer was invented, including all types of ... computer, and the first really functional modern computer.


A history of computers and the inventors involved with each computer invention milestone - a timeline with detailed features.


Everyone knows: computers come into every aspect of modern life. But the meaning of the word 'computer' has changed in time. In the 1930s and 1940s 'a ...


The principle of the modern computer was proposed by Alan Turing, in his seminal 1936 paper on Computable Numbers. Turing proposed a simple device that he ...


Jul 31, 2013 ... Alan Turing is widely accepted as the theoretical inventor of the modern computer.


Find out who was responsible for the creation of the computer. ... But the first computer resembling today's modern machines was the Analytical Engine, a device ...