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The Programma 101 was the first commercial "desktop personal computer", produced by the Italian company Olivetti and invented by the Italian engineer Pier  ...

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Find out more about the history of Invention of the PC, including videos, ... One of the first and most famous of these, the Electronic Numerical Integrator Analyzer ...

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Apr 26, 2014 ... Personal computer history doesn't begin with IBM or Microsoft, although ... The first personal computers, introduced in 1975, came as kits: The MITS Altair .... That was also the year Aldus invented the fourth major productivity ...

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Jun 21, 2011 ... Even Roberts' Wikipedia page acknowledges him as the engineer who developed "the first commercially successful personal computer." When ...

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In 1975, Ed Roberts coined the term "personal computer" when he introduced the Altair 8800. Although the first personal computer is considered by many to be ...

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This is likely the first example of remote access computing. 1941 ..... and an early example of a 'personal computer,' that is, a computer made for a single user.

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Judges settled on John Blankenbaker's Kenbak-1 as the first personal computer. Designed in 1971, before microprocessors were invented, the Kenbak-1 had ...

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The IBM 610 was the first personal computer, in the sense that it was the first ... to Burroughs/ElectroData in Pasadena, CA, which also made contributions to the ...

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Jul 17, 2012 ... He's here now to answer your questions about what made him take his path ... The first computer I ever used was entirely designed by this man.

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Sep 21, 2015 ... A small firm named MITS made the first personal computer, the Altair. This computer, which used Intel Corporation's 8080 microprocessor, was ...

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Q: Who invented the first personal computer?
A: Development of the personal computer (PC), a microcomputer designed to be used by one person, was first developed for business use in the early 1970s. Digital E... Read More »
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Q: Who Invented the first personal computer?
A: The first true Personal Computer was the Sphere 1 computer, created in Bountiful, Utah in 1975 by computer pioneer Michael D. Wise (1949–2002). At first, Sphere... Read More »
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Q: Who Invented The First Personal Computer?
A: The personal computer (PC), which is also called the microcomputer and was designed for use by one person, was first developed for businesses in the early 1970s... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the first personal computer?
A: The first personal computer is considered to be the Kenback-1, which was first introduced f... Read More »
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Q: Who invented the first personal computer?
A: Jack Frassanito name is on a patent, issued 7/ 25/1972, for a machine that Read More »
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