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Gender in English


A system of grammatical gender, whereby every noun was treated as either masculine, feminine or neuter, existed in Old English, but fell out of use during the Middle English period. Modern English r...

What is the gender of an aircraft? - English Language & Usage ...


Oct 31, 2011 ... If one were to decide to infer gender onto an aircraft, female would be the obvious ... Aircraft are usually referred to as "she", just like ships.

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Connie asks: I am trying to find out why boats are always referred to as the female gender.. When and why did this practice start? According to Yarns of the Sea, ...

Why are boats considered as females? - FunTrivia


Jul 28, 2007 ... Why are boats considered as females - trivia question /questions answer ... or a nuclear submarine, a ship is always referred to as "she."

Why are almost all ships considered 'female'? - Quora


Prince Henry of Portugal, explorer, king, and expedition financier commented that he referred to all his ships as "she" because "like a woman, they take much ...

Why is a ship is called 'she' in English? - Quora


There are lots of languages where every single inanimate object is either a "he" or a "she". ... Thus, arose the common practice of giving female names to ships ( and boats). 366 Views ... Warships, at least in the British Navy, were referred to as He. I'm not .... John Chesire, Survived several hundred aircraft c...

Why are Boats Called She? (with pictures)


Aug 27, 2016 ... One of the most plausible theories as to why boats are called she is... ... OK to use feminine pronouns when referring to boats in formal writing?

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Mar 19, 2015 ...Ships are referred to as 'she' because men love them, but this encompasses ... If an aircraft carrier, she will look in a mirror when about to be ...

Lloyd's List sinks the tradition of calling ships 'she' - Telegraph


Mar 21, 2002 ... SHIPS should no longer be called "she", the industry's newspaper has ... Among the theories as to why ships are referred to as female, one claims ... Fifty-year-old farmer Chen Lianxue with his homemade plane on the roof of.

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Ships are referred to as "she" for several reasons that reflect tradition and cultural ... use the feminine form of address for common nouns like ship, car or plane.

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Apr 12, 2008 ... "Why are Boats Referred to as "She"?" Although women were considered to bring bad luck at sea, mariners always use the pronoun "she" ...

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Mar 30, 2013 ... “A ship is called a she because there is always a great deal of bustle around her; there ... “Ships are referred to as 'she' because men love them, but this ... If an aircraft carrier, she will look in a mirror when about to be arrested, ...

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Ships are referred to as "she" because men love them, but this encompasses far ... If an aircraft carrier, she will look in a mirror when about to be arrested, and ...