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Threats to the orangutan. The destruction and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra is the main reason ...

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Orangutans Face Extinction. A crisis exists for orangutans. In 2015, the Orangutan Conservancy believes there are only about 40,000 orangutans remaining in ...

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... and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra is the main reason orangutans are threatened with extinction.

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Apr 17, 2007 ... The biggest threat to orangutan is the destruction of their habitat. This loss of habitat is the result of economic pressures, man's greed and ...

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Mar 9, 2004 ... "At the current rate of habitat destruction, orangutans could be extinct in the wild in ten to twenty years," said Cheryl Knott, an anthropologist at ...

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The only great ape that lives on the Asian continent, the orangutan is found on the Malaysian islands of ... When baby orangutans grow up, they become difficult pets, and owners often ask officials to take them away. ... The Face of Extinction

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Orangutan Caring Scholarship Program ... BECOME AWARE. ORANGUTAN BASICS. Basic Facts · Fun Facts! Species Information. ORANGUTAN SPECIFICS.

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Experts suggest that they could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct in the wild. The greatest threats to their survival are habitat loss and the illegal ...

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The critically endangered Sumatran orangutan population is threatened by hunting and ... causes could put a population on an irreversible trajectory to extinction. ... set deliberately to clear land for plantations, are becoming a regular disaster.

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Aug 28, 2013 ... Avoiding products with palm oil can help protect orangutans, other wildlife, and the rainforest. 5. Become an activist. Start your own fundraiser.

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Q: Why Are Orangutans Becoming Extinct?
A: Because the human race continues to encroach on the jungles in which they live. The jungles are disappearing at an alarming rate. Deforestation is a major pro... Read More »
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Q: Why are orangutans becoming extinct?
A: Because humans are destroying more and more of their natural habitat!. Read More »
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Q: Why are orangutans in danger of extinction?
A: Because people are killing them for their rare orange fur and their homes are being wiped out. Read More »
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Q: Why are orangutans going extinct?
A: Orangutans' days in the wild may be numbered unless something drastic occurs to halt the pace of illegal logging-and soon, according to researchers. "At the cur... Read More »
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Q: Are Orangutans going to become extinct?
A: Unfortunately, there is a very high likelihood that they will. There are actually two distinct species of orangutan, the Sumatran orangutan, which is found on t... Read More »
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