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Threats to the orangutan. The destruction and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra is the main reason ...

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... and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra is the main reason orangutans are threatened with extinction.

Why Are Orangutans Endangered?


Orang Utan Republik Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness in Indonesia about Orangutans and the Rainforest. Saving a species ... BECOME AWARE.

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Orang-utans are known as gardeners of the forest. They play a vital role in seed dispersal and in maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem, which is ...

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Aug 28, 2013 ... Avoiding products with palm oil can help protect orangutans, other wildlife, and the rainforest. 5. Become an activist. Start your own fundraiser.

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The critically endangered Sumatran orangutan population is threatened by hunting and ... causes could put a population on an irreversible trajectory to extinction. ... set deliberately to clear land for plantations, are becoming a regular disaster.

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Loss of rainforest is a main reason why orangutans are endangered. Loggers ... This map shows how rapidly Borneo has become deforested since 1950.

Causes of Extinction of Orangutan


Apr 17, 2007 ... The biggest threat to orangutan is the destruction of their habitat. This loss of habitat is the result of economic pressures, man's greed and ...

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Experts suggest that they could be the first Great Ape species to become extinct in the wild. The greatest threats to their survival are habitat loss and the illegal ...

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Male orangutans grow a beard and moustache when they become adults, ... orangutans may be the first Great Apes to become extinct unless people help to ...

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At this rate of loss, many experts believe orangutans could be extinct in the wild in less than 25 years. Never before has their very existence been threatened so ...

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When baby orangutans grow up, they become difficult pets, and owners often ask officials to take them away. Many orangutans raised ... The Face of Extinction

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Mar 9, 2004 ... "At the current rate of habitat destruction, orangutans could be extinct in the wild in ten to twenty years," said Cheryl Knott, an anthropologist at ...