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Threats to the orangutan. The destruction and degradation of the tropical rain forest, particularly lowland forest, in Borneo and Sumatra is the main reason ...


At this rate of killing, orangutan populations could be reduced to extinction in the next 50 years. Orangutan Foundation International Animated Forest Cover Loss ...


At this rate of loss, many experts believe orangutans could be extinct in the wild in less than 50 years. Never before has their very existence been threatened so ...


So by conserving the orangutan's habitat, we're also benefiting local ... all agree that snow leopards are threatened, and face a high risk of extinction in the wild.


Orang Utan Republik Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness in Indonesia about Orangutans and the Rainforest. Saving a species through education ...


Aug 19, 2016 ... Orangutans will be extinct from the planet within 10 years unless action is taken to preserve forests in Indonesia and Malaysia where they live, ...


Mar 9, 2004 ... "At the current rate of habitat destruction, orangutans could be extinct in the wild in ten to twenty years," said Cheryl Knott, an anthropologist at ...


The critically endangered Sumatran orangutan population is threatened by hunting ... set deliberately to clear land for plantations, are becoming a regular disaster. ... endangered animals from extinction and support WWF's conservation efforts.


Loss of rainforest is a main reason why orangutans are endangered. Loggers, farmers, poachers and pet dealers have all caused the apes to decline.

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