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The Golden Gate Bridge
The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge spanning the Golden Gate, the opening of the San Francisco Bay into the Pacific Ocean.


How long did it take to build the bridge? When did the Golden ... What are the original rivets replaced with when they become corroded? Additional information  ...


On this day in History, Construction begins on Golden Gate Bridge on Jan 05, 1933. ... Eleven workers died during the building of the bridge, 10 of them on one day, .... They trace back directly to January 5, 1980, when the song “Rapper's ...


Find out more about the history of Golden Gate Bridge, including videos, ... the bridge impede the shipping industry and mar the bay's natural beauty, they argued, ... The attempt to build what would be the first bridge support in the open ocean ...


The Golden Gate Bridge was built to remedy the need to move people and products in and out of San Francisco via ... The building of the two towers on either end of the bridge was a challenge on its own. ... Why did the Knights of Labor fail?


On this date in 1937, San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge opened to the public. Here are a few ... Reports vary, but Strauss thought he could build the bridge for $17 million or $27 million. ... When they did reveal it, the public wasn't pleased.


May 27, 2012 ... Even at 75 years old, the Golden Gate Bridge remains one of the ... building out over the wind-whipped waters of the San Francisco Bay. With labor and 70,000 tons of steel, they built arms that reached out to .... did share one feature other than their release date—a megafamous musician in their ensemble.


To build the south tower structures, divers played a critical role descending up to 110 feet (33 meters) into the tumultuous waters of the Golden Gate Strait. They ...


1934 South Pier Geology Report by the Golden Gate Bridge Building Committee (grades 9 to adult) ... Did you know the Bridge was designed to move sideways at midspan up to 27.7 ft ... See who the contracts went to and what they were for.


The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. ... Building the bridge ... At the time many people did not believe it was technically possible to span the Golden Gate. ... They are woven from 27,572 threads of steel with a total length that equals three ...