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Minority Report (film)


Minority Report is a 2002 American tech-noir action mystery-thriller film directed by Steven ... It uses high contrast to create dark colors and shadows, much like a film noir picture. ... It receiv...

Why do foxes' ears point forward?


As foxes move forward to approach an animal, their ears naturally point in the direction they walk, so they can hear the softest of sounds coming from their next  ...

Why Do the Ears of a Fox Point Forward? | eHow UK


Most members of the canine and feline families have ears that point forward. ... Unlike most mammals, they can detect the low-frequency sounds of small ... Grazing animals, including rabbits, are vulnerable to predators, like the fox, that sneak ...

How Do We Hear In 3D When Our Ears Listen In Stereo - Naked ...


But how can we tell when a sound is above or below or front and ... some amount of direction detection capability built into each ear. ... and have evolve to have 1 ear forward and higher than the other. ... the cells were organized in a precise topographic array, similar to ...... What's the point of eyebrows?

The Canine Senses - Responsible Dog and Cat, LLC


canine senses, how dogs view the world, the dog ear, the dog nose, how dogs ... Like us, dogs have the same visual, hearing, olfactory, taste and touch senses. ... According to Newby, dogs with shorter muzzles “see directly forward” and have .... The difference is dogs can hear certain sounds possibly “…hundreds of times  ...

A Guide to Recognizing the Florida Panther, Its Tracks and Sign


Other cat species, such as bobcats, jaguars and leopards, do have dark ... pointed ears with white patches on the back. Most .... Red fox toes and middle pads are much smaller than those of a coyote or dog and ... forward from the toe impressions. ... Middle pad impressions of bear feet are broad and not at all shaped like.

More on Bat Detectors... - Bat Conservation and Management


However, the characteristics that make them sound different to our ears are ... And SonoBat makes it easy to do this with an intuitive point and click interface. .... but in many places in North America, a bat detector giving tone-like chirps at 40 kHz .... and are often referred to as flying foxes because many have dog-like faces.

Oh Be Careful Little Ears What You Hear... and Believe. Hypersonic ...


Sep 23, 2015 ... Only when you disrupt the sound beam or reflect it off a surface do you hear it. ... Pointed Messages ... can hear, but HSS focuses sound in a tight beam much like a laser ... I am not looking forward to the day that there are even more voices ... triggering a proximity detector, then hearing what you alone hear .....

Fennec - Vulpes zerda - Details - Encyclopedia of Life


Their large ears act like radiators and dissipate heat (5), as well as providing excellent ... The fennec fox can subsist without water for an indefinite period, and .... camouflage in the desert, aiding stalking of prey and detection by predators; the coat ... Fennecs also comunicate via sound and via pheromones and scent marks ....

Mechanics of the frog ear - NCBI - National Institutes of Health


Feb 10, 2010 ... The frog does not have an external ear comparable to that of most other ... Alternatively, it may serve as a release point of acoustic pressure in the inner ear. In other words, the opercularis system may have a function similar to that of the ... being the end-organs which are dedicated to the detection of sound.

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Why do the ears of a fox point forward as sound detectors


Foxes move their ears forward when they can hear a faint sound they try and hear the ... Why do the ears of a fox point forward as sound detectors? .... unlike with dogs that end as suddenly as it started, resulting in what sounds like a "Bark!

Chapter 11 - Sensory Systems


The ear is composed of a sound conductor (the outer and middle ear) and a sound ... Thus, the point of greatest mechanical excitation in the cochlea is frequency-dependent. ... The outer hair cells can produce more energy than they receive from ... The detection thresholds of sound pressure are frequency- dependent, ...

Foxes use the Earth's magnetic field as a targeting system ...


Jan 11, 2011 ... As the fox creeps forward, it listens for the sound of a mouse. ... to your belt that was pointed down at the ground at a fixed angle of say 60 degrees. ... which explores how birds – the best-studied magnetic detectorsdo it. ... Other senses are linked to openings in the body like eyes, ears and mouths, but ...