Why Does Bread Mold?
Mold is a member of the fungus family, similar to mushrooms or toadstools. A fungus is different from a plant because it is not able to make its own food; therefore, it must feed off of its environment. Bread is a nutritious source of food, for both... More »
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Everyday Chemistry - Why does bread favour mold and fungi?


Have you noticed some brown powder-like substance on a loaf of bread that has been kept ... Have you wondered why bread is so vulnerable to molds and fungi?

Bread Does Grow Mold - Abigail's Bakery


Does bread grow mold? If you have ever found those last two pieces of leftover bread way back in the cabinet, you already know the answer. Many elementary ...

Why does Bread get Moldy? (with pictures) - wiseGEEK


Bread gets moldy because it provides a good source of food for some types of fungus. The air is usually full of tiny mold spores, and under the right conditions, ...

Re: why does mold grow on bread? - Mad Scientist Network


Nov 5, 1998 ... How does mold start growing on bread? The air that surrounds us is full of dust, ( just check behind your couch to see where most of it collects).

How Does Mold Grow? | Education.com


Sep 25, 2013 ... Mold can grow on surfaces like rocks and walls, but in homes it commonly grows on aging food. Many foods, especially bread, contain mold ...

Mold Bread Experiment - What Makes Mold Grow? - Explorable


We are going to perform a mold bread experiment to grow our own mold and find out whether mold does indeed grow faster at higher temperatures.

How Does Mold Grow? - Kidzone


Super simple science section for kids - learn how mold grows. ... bread (4 slices); water; saran wrap (or some other air tight covering); 1 to 2 weeks of experiment ...

Why does mold grow on bread? | Ask.com


Mold grows on bread when the bread comes in contact with dust that is carrying fungi, which are a tiny microorganisms. Spores remain airborne until they land ...

How Does Temperature Affect the Growth of Mold on Wheat Bread?


PURPOSE. The purpose of my experiment was to determine how temperature would affect the growth of mold on honey potato bread. The reason I became ...

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Q: Why does bread mold?
A: Over time, airborne spores find their way onto the nutrient-rich surface of bread and start multiplying -- even under the cold conditions of a refrigerator. At ... Read More »
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Q: Why Does Bread Mold?
A: So you wake up early in the morning and you want to eat toast. You take out your loaf of bread only to discover that some nasty dark colored mold is growing all... Read More »
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Q: Why does bread mold
A: There are quite a few misconceptions and ‘half-baked’ beliefs about molds. Whereas the general idea about mold is that it is a plant that grows by itself on bre... Read More »
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Q: Why does bread mold?
A: Mold grows from spores and there are billions of them floating around just looking for the right conditions. Here is a link to more than you ever wanted to know... Read More »
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Q: Why does bread mold?
A: It has to do with the moisture of the bread, the natural fungi in the air landing on the bread and finding a "food" source, the yeast, a lot of factors. Read th... Read More »
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