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A velodrome is an arena for track cycling. Modern velodromes feature steeply banked oval ... Banking in the turns, called superelevation, allows riders to keep their bikes relatively perpendicular t...

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The corner bankings are designed so that, at typical racing speeds, the inertia ... the blue band (also called "Cote d'Azur"), minimum 10% of the track width wide.

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Even before the first half of the last century there was a Velodrome in Detroit. It was ... We used very low gears so as to look like we were going fast and still be able to negotiate the turns at ... The surface was what we called beaverboard.

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Feb 14, 2010 ... A cycling track is called a velodrome. All are oval and ... The steepest portion of the banking is only 22 degrees, so it is a beginner friendly track.

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Oct 20, 2015 ... So, first of all you need a specific velodrome bike to bike in a velodrome. ... is called “Cote d'Azure”, a black line which is called the “Pursuiters ...

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Velodrome racing has been called “NASCAR on Two Wheels”. Blazing speed, gravity-defying turns and spectacular crashes make Velodrome racing one of the  ...

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Dec 18, 2014 ... In Philadelphia, a development called Project 250 intends to build a ... So what has so many Philadelphia officials convinced that the $100 ...

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Well, first of all, we sort of have to because our technology is called the Track Aero System! Sorry, that ... Why a velodrome works so well for aero testing. " There's ...

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Although sometimes called the pole line the racing surface actually extends ( 20cm) ... and that power transfer is as efficient as possible, so riders use shoes with ...

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The flying 200 m time trial (so-called because riders have a flying start, ... Velodromes have a line painted across the track at 200 m before the finish line, for this ...

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The oval tracks used for bicycle track racing are called velodromes. ... Bicycle track races are always run in a counter-clockwise direction, so all four of the turns  ...

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May 13, 2012 ... We have all experienced a so called "Centrifugal" force. This is the force that, when you are going around a corner in a car or spinning on a ...

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Aug 2, 2012 ... The arena doors do not open wide and they close quickly, so as to eliminate wind when ... The Olympic Velodrome, called the Pringle.