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Why Is Defensive Driving Important?
Defensive drivers are often subject to abuse on American highways by aggressive motorists seeking to commute through congested roads with speed. Further, the media generally caricatures defensive drivers as absent-minded senior citizens. However,... More »
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The Importance of Defensive Driving and Safety | Driving School ...


Jan 9, 2013 ... One important piece of safety on the road is defensive driving. Drivers cannot control what other people on the road are going to do, so it's ...

Defensive Driving - What it is and how it can help you


Defensive Driving is essentially driving in a manner that utilizes safe driving strategies to enables motorists to address identified hazards in a predictable manner ...

The Important of Defensive Driving | Infinity Insurance


That's why defensive driving is so important — because you could be taking precautions to save your own life and the lives of others. Read on to find three ways ...

Defensive Driving: Six Important Professional Driving Techniques


Here are six of the most important defensive driving techniques: 1. ... Hence, one of the basic rules of defensive driving is to clearly communicate to other drivers ...

Importance of Defensive Driving for the Prevention of Accidents ...


Whether or not you are healthy enough to drive is also very important to defensive driving. You need to make sure that you are well rested, free of the influence ...

10 Benefits Of Defensive Driving You Probably Didn't Know


The need for speed can kill, it is important to teach driver discipline and safety rules. Defensive driving aims to reduce the risk of driving. Drivers must instinctively ...

What's Covered in a Defensive Driving Course? | DMV.org Articles


Aug 2, 2012 ... Find out more on defensive driving and traffic schools. Improve your driving skills and ... (Why This Disclaimer Is Important). We're proud of our ...

The Top 5 Defensive Driving Tips | Be A Safer Driver - Drive-Safely.net


Here is one of the most commonly broken defensive driving tips in the history of driving. A safe following distance is just as important, if not more important, than ...

The Benefits of Advanced Driving and Defensive Driver Training ...


THE BENEFITS OF USING GENUINE ADVANCED DRIVING SKILLS ... So this is the first and one of the most important benefits of using Advanced Drivers of ...

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Q: Why Is Defensive Driving Important?
A: Defensive driving involves operating a motor vehicle in a manner that anticipates the poor driving habits of other motorists, prior to making decisions. This te... Read More »
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Q: Why is defensive driving important?
A: Defensive driving refers to driving in a manner that reduces the risks often associated with driving. There are a great deal of advantages to driving defensivel... Read More »
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