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Nod (gesture)


A nod of the head is a gesture in which the head is tilted in alternating up and down arcs along the sagittal plane. In many cultures, it is most commonly, but not  ...

NODDING DOGS ROCK- Nodding buster


Details of the infamous Nodding Buster dog from the PAUL O GRADY tv show on channel five and originally from ITV.

Why does nodding of the head indicate 'Yes' and shaking of the ...


They don't everywhere. For example, in Turkey, no is indicated by tilting one's head back and raising the eyebrows. Shaking the head usually indicates confus.. .

Retail shop shelving jargon buster! - Crown Display Ltd


Oct 22, 2013 ... We call them 'plinths' whilst you call them 'kick plates' 'kickers 'foot fronts' ... Hopefully you're now nodding, smiling, and commenting “ah; now I ...

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Nodding in dis/agreement: a tale of two cultures. - NCBI


However, whereas in US culture, vertical head movement denotes positivity ( nodding to say "yes") and horizontal head movement is associated with negativity  ...

Nodding Or Shaking Your Head May Even Influence Your Own ...


Aug 27, 1998 ... A new study showed that these simple movements influenced people's agreement with an editorial they heard while nodding or shaking their ...