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The Knysna /ˈnaɪznə/ seahorse or Cape seahorse (Hippocampus capensis) is a species of ... "Does the endangered Knysna seahorse, Hippocampus capensis, have a preference for aquatic vegetation type, cover or height?." (PDF).


The Knysna seahorse is the best known, and is the only seahorse that is endangered. Knysna seahorses are found only in the Knysna, Keurbooms and ...


The Knysna seahorse is considered the most endangered seahorse in the world.


Mar 31, 2015 ... The Knysna seahorse is a medium-sized seahorse (8-12cm) with a ... of an Endangered South African seahorse, Hippocampus capensis ...


English, –, Knysna Seahorse, Cape Seahorse ... Conservation implications of significant population differentiation in an endangered estuarine seahorse.


The Knysna seahorse is the most endangered seahorse in the world. It possesses the characteristic seahorse shape and the body is encased in a series of bony ...


When you go snorkelling with seahorses in Knysna, you'll be privileged to meet the endangered Knysna seahorse. Endemic to South Africa, they are only found ...


The Knysna Sea Horse occurs only in South Africa and has been formally recognized as endangered by the IUCN. It has the most limited distribution of all ...


I am pretty sure that everyone has heard of the Knysna seahorse and anyone who has visited the ... listed as endangered on the IUCN Red Data List. In fact it ...

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