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The Golgi apparatus resides at the intersection of the secretory, lysosomal, and endocytic pathways. It is of particular importance in processing proteins for ...

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The sacs or folds of the Golgi apparatus are called cisternae. ... The Golgi also plays an important role in the synthesis of proteoglycans, molecules present in the ...

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Quick look: Golgi apparatus(or complex, or body, or 'the 'Golgi') is found in all plant and animal cells and is the term given to groups of flattened disc-like ...

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Dec 13, 2004 ... The Golgi apparatus is the distribution and shipping department for the ... Among the most important duties of the Golgi apparatus is to sort the ...

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Jul 22, 2008 ... The Golgi apparatus forms a part of the endomembrane system of ... It is particularly important in the processing of proteins for secretion, ...

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The Golgi apparatus, or Golgi complex, functions as a factory in which proteins ... portions of glycolipids are important surface markers in cell-cell recognition.

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The Golgi apparatus sorts and packages materials before they leave the cell to ensure they arrive at the proper destination.

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Some of the main functions of Golgi complex are as follows: Golgi apparatus appears to play an important role in the storage, packaging and secretion of certain ...

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The golgi apparatus has many functions, we will focus on a couple of the most important. The most important function of the golgi apparatus is to carry out the ...

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Golgi apparatus was discovered in the year 1898 by an Italian biologist Camillo Golgi. ... The Golgi complex also plays an important role in the production of ...

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Q: Why is the golgi apparatus important?
A: Yes any light that is colored its not consider White light. Read More »
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Q: Why is golgi apperatus important?
A: it helps teachers determine who did their homework, and who didn't. speaking seriously, since you know what it does, imagine what would happen if golgi was not ... Read More »
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Q: Why is the golgi apparatus important to the cell? would it still ...
A: The Golgi Apparatus is important because it processes and packages protein and lipid. Withotu the golgi apparatus you would lose your DNA, because DNA is compos... Read More »
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Q: Why is the Golgi apparatus so important?
A: Cells synthesise a large number of different macromolecules. The Golgi apparatus is integral in modifying, sorting, and packaging these macromolecules for cell ... Read More »
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Q: Why is the golgi apparatus important and what is the job of the g...
A: The Golgi apparatus is involved in processing cellular products such as proteins and enzymes, and forming other secretions such as sweat and saliva. Read More »
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