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Napoléon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during ..... Hompesch zu Bolheim surrendered after token resistance, and Bonaparte captured an important nav...

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Find out more about the history of Napoleon Bonaparte, including videos, ... One of his most significant accomplishments was the Napoleonic Code, which ...

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Dec 16, 2013 ... France's former Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is second only to Jesus in terms of importance in history, according to rankings based on a new ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte is a figure of world-historical importance because his policies--most particularly, but not only, his wars--ended up transforming Europe and ...

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Aug 15, 2015 ... For Napoleon Bonaparte's birthday, here are 15 things you might not know .... living today), there was no significant change throughout his life.

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When you hear the name Napoleon , you may think first and foremost of a military leader. But Napoleon made many lasting contributions to the institutions of ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in the city of Ajaccio on the island of Corsica. His father was Carlo Buonaparte, an important attorney who ...

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Napoleon Bonaparte was an important French military leader who created an empire that stretched across almost all of Europe in the early 1800s. He was a very ...

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... after his death, we are still so interested in Napoleon Bonaparte's great feats, ... Historian Harold T. Parker argued that because Napoleon was 'an important ...

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Jan 6, 2016 ... Napoleon Bonaparte rose to prominence by taking control of France after the success of the French Revolution.

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon is the most charismatic general in French history, famed for his military successes and (at the same time) for not quite conquering Europe. Starting as a second lieutenant in the French artillery, he rose quickly through the ranks until he staged... More »
Name at Birth: Napoleon Buonaparte
Born: August 15, 1769, Ajaccio, Corsica
Died: May 5, 1821
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Napoleon Bonaparte was considered by most the be the savior of the French ... French under Napoleon would become united, strong, and most important equal.

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Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, is regarded as one of the ... The British registered an important naval victory against Napoleon in 1805 at ...

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Napoleons real first taste of major victory was in the Siege of Tulon. He was ... von Hompesch zu Bolheim, surrendered a very important naval base to Napoleon.