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Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon is the most charismatic general in French history, famed for his military successes and (at the same time) for not quite conquering Europe. Starting as a second lieutenant in the French artillery, he rose quickly through the ranks until he staged... More »
Name at Birth: Napoleon Buonaparte
Born: August 15, 1769 (age 247), Ajaccio, Corsica
Died: May 5, 1821


Napoleon Bonaparte was a French military and political leader who rose to prominence during ... The French launched a major invasion of Russia in the summer of 1812. The resulting campaign witnessed the collapse of the Grand Army and ...


Find out more about the history of Napoleon Bonaparte, including videos, ... against the revolutionary government in Paris and was promoted to major general.


Napoleon Bust, La Musee de L"Armee, Paris Napoleon was one of a very small number of ... What decisions justify Napoleon Bonaparte as a military genius? Why was Napoleon Bonaparte important? Can we trace Napoleon Bonaparte's closest relative ...


Dec 16, 2013 ... France's former Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is second only to Jesus in terms of importance in history, according to rankings based on a new ...


Facts and summary information and article on Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor Napoleon I of France, who is ranked among the greatest military leaders of all time ...


Napoleon Bonaparte was considered by most the be the savior of the French ... French under Napoleon would become united, strong, and most important equal.


Apr 27, 2017 ... Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of France, is regarded as one of ... The British registered an important naval victory against Napoleon in ...


Jul 17, 2015 ... Napoleon Bonaparte's rise to power is one of the great stories of European .... He knew how important the people's opinion was, and used his ...


Napoleon reached an agreement with the Pope allowing the Church a major role in French society while providing religious freedom for all others. He also ...