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The problem with how giclee prints are sometimes marketed is fourfold. ... and likely even increase their market share while artists will continue to come out on ...

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Digital, inkjet or giclee prints can be divided into five basic categories: .... The best part about sold-out editions is that they can sometimes increase in value and  ...

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Jul 31, 2013 ... So, I decided to call my reproductions Giclee Prints and posted a ... Another option that artists have chosen that can increase the value of the ...

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When the print is larger than 16x20 inches, or does size matter :) ? .... As such they are collectible and could retain their value or increase in value. ... but still below the cost of a brand new, fresh off the "giclee" printer, one.

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The painting you bought to match your sofa may increase in worth, or it may be as salable as ... A giclée is a machine-made print, a reproduction printed on fine paper or canvas with color and clarity that can rival the original. But it's still a copy . The rarity of a work of art is what gives it value, so an original will always be...

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The value of a work of art depends on many things — among other factors, the fame ... For those unfamiliar with the many ways art can be offered, the terminology can be ... Giclée: A modern printmaking process in which individual prints are ...

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Giclee prints are very color stable providing more than 25 years of protection from color fade ... With proper care your Giclee will continue to increase in value.

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Apr 16, 2007 ... Of course, this also means the prices for originals increases as my career ... you to snag a true jewel that will be worth so much more as time goes on. ... Another added value of purchasing a print on canvas as while they look ...

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But buyers should be aware that not all art prints will increase in value and ... Most of Red Rag British Limited Edition Prints are produced by Giclee technology .

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Dec 30, 2011 ... I don't care if the giclée is hand-embellished, numbered and printed on canvas ... Some artists will say prints increase the value of the original.