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The skeletons of a human and a horse placed in a display in the Australian ... The shell of mollusks also performs all of the same functions, except that in most ...

The Frog Skeletons vs. Human Skeletons - HowStuffWorks


Feb 5, 2008 ... Frog skeletons are remarkably similar to human skeletons, especially when it comes to the limbs. Learn about the differences between frog ...

Comparison Between the Skeletons of Frogs & Humans | eHow


Comparison Between the Skeletons of Frogs & Humans. ... Other similar structures to the human skeleton are the shoulder blades of frogs, which come in sets of ...

How are the skeletons on frogs and humans different - Answers.com


they are smaller than human skeletons and WAY more dellacate .... both have the same number of bones A humans skeleton is like a frogs skeleton because ...

How are the skeletons of humans and frogs the same - Answers.com


the man is tallerBecause they both have the same number of bonesA humans skeleton is like a frogs skeleton because they both have a spine and.

How Are Skeletons the Same? - Scholastic


This one-page reproducible student worksheet contains a picture of a simply- labeled frog skeleton and an unlabeled human skeleton. Students are asked to ...

How are frogs similar to humans on the inside? - Ask.com


Frogs and humans share a similar body plan, which is reflected in their skeletons, and have organ systems which are broadly similar in shape, location, and ...

What are the differences and similarities between a frog and a human?


Both frogs and humans have many of the same organs. Frogs and humans have lungs, stomachs, a heart, a brain and livers. Humans also have a spleen, ...

The Learning Zone: The Living Animal


Have a look at the skeletons below and compare them to the human skeleton. Can you recognise the skull, the leg bones and the spine in the pelican, frog and  ...

e-Tutor - Anatomy Of A Frog


Frogs are amphibians, living both on land and in water. Their anatomy is very unique. Their bodies are similar to humans in that they have skin, bones, muscles , ...

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Q: How are the skeletons of a frog and human the same?
A: they are not the same they have all diffrent skelton Read More »
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Q: How are frogs skeletons like humans?
A: Some of the same bones exsist in frogs as in humans and in the same places. They also have some of the same internal organs. Their bone marrow also produces the... Read More »
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Q: How are the skeletons of frogs and humans alike
A: The main similarity between the skeletons of frogs and humans is th... ...MORE... Read More »
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Q: How are frog and human bone skeleton different?
A: The skeleton of a frog differs from that of a human because humans Read More »
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Q: How does a frog survives during hibernation process , Do humans c...
A: State of greatly slowed metabolism and low body temperature in winter in certain animals. True hibernators include many cold-blooded animals and a few mammals (... Read More »
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