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A volcano forms when magma rises through weakened areas of the crust from a magma reservoir many miles deep within the earth, pushing itself up through a vent. This vent acts as a ...

Volcanoes are created from a opening in the Earth's crust, which allows hot magma, ash and gases to escape. They form in the shape of cones, domes or simple fissures.



When it does reach the surface, a volcano is formed. Typical examples of this kind of volcano are Mount Etna and the volcanoes in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

How do volcanoes form?


When a large body of magma has formed, it rises thorugh the denser rock layers toward Earth's surface. Magma that has reached the surface is called lava.

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Volcanoes are formed when magma from within the Earth's upper mantle works its way to the surface. At the surface, it erupts to form lava flows and ash deposits  ...

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Volcanoes form when hot material from below rises and leaks into the crust. This hot material, called magma, comes either from a melt of subducted crustal ...

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Most volcanoes are formed by the movement of tectonic plates on the surface of the earth. These plates are basically huge pieces of rock that 'float' on the ...

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Formation Of Volcanoes. What's Inside Earth? Before we get to that we would have to get a briefing on the structure of planet Earth. The interior structure of earth ...

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Volcanoes form when magma reaches the Earth's surface, causing eruptions of lava and ash. They occur at ... A volcano is formed by eruptions of lava and ash.

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