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The Best Ways to Dispose of Used Cat Litter
Few will dispute that one of the most challenging aspects of feline companionship is taking care of the litter box. Dumping Fluffy's waste in the trash may seem off-putting for the green-minded cat owner, but it's arguably the best option for containing... More »
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Cat litter has a very unpleasant smell and disposal is one of the effective ways of ensure the house is free ... Cat litter decomposes and can be used as manure.


Feb 25, 2009 ... While there are widely differing opinions regarding the recycling of used cat litter, some pet owners have found some acceptable methods.


Disposing of used cat litter may seem so easy that even a trained monkey could do it, but it actually needs to be handled carefully to prevent possible illness.


I am using a clay based clumping litter (generic). My brother-in-law collects and spreads the used litter around his garden to try and deter deer ...


Oct 15, 2014 ... How to recycle used cat litter. If you use kitty litter made of natural materials such as wood or food byproducts, you can compost it, but this option ...


To achieve the safest and easiest mode of litter disposal, it may be necessary to change not only your disposal method, but the actual type of litter used as well.


If I put used cat into my wheelie bin,I understand that it is classed as "general household waste",but at my local council's recycling centre (rubbish dump) the staff ...


Apr 5, 2010 ... Cat litter disposal may not be a rocket science, but new pet owners ... The first step to proper cat litter disposal, no matter the method you ... (This is the same parasite that makes used cat litter dangerous to pregnant women.) ...


Mar 30, 2010 ... While composting your cat's litter isn't likely to turn him a freakish shade ... guide can help reduce your cat's ecological paw-print by disposing of ... Compost bins that are pre-purchased can be used for disposing of cat waste, ...