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The important features of Gothic architecture are the pointed arch, the ribbed ..... An Architectural Historian can often tell just how old a part of a building is by ...

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Discover the seven characteristics of gothic architecture. Includes the history of the gargoyles of gothic architecture, the flying buttress and the all-important ...

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Read and learn for free about the following article: Gothic architecture: an introduction.

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Gothic Architecture (1120-1500): Characteristics of Gothic Building Design: Rayonnant, Flamboyant Styles.

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This lesson covers the three main features of Gothic architecture: the pointed arch, the rib vault and the flying buttress. We then look at a...

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The style of architecture we now call Gothic first emerged in northern France in around 1140. It evolved during the construction of great churches in the Paris ...

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Architecture was the most important and original art form during the Gothic period . The principal structural characteristics of Gothic architecture arose out of ...

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How to Recognize Gothic Architecture. One of the most beautiful architectural designs used in churches is the Gothic style. Intended to raise the spirit towards ...

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Romanesque vs. Gothic Architecture. Romanesque. Gothic. Radiating chapels and apse: Separate compartments. Unified, unbroken space. Vault: Mostly ...

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Gothic Architecture Three architectural features are typical of the Gothic. These are the pointed arch, the ribbed vault, and the flying buttress. It is the pointed arch  ...

How to Recognize Gothic Architecture
One of the most beautiful architectural designs used in churches is the Gothic style. Intended to raise the spirit towards God, it is built in a vertical style that uplifts the eye and the soul. This style was a celebration of the Catholic Church's... More »
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