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Raccoon Poison - Warfarin, Bromethalin, Cholecalciferol, Strychnine ...


I guess you found this web page because you have a raccoon problem and want to poison the raccoons. Here is an analysis of various poisons and what they ...

How to Kill Raccoons - Poisons, shooting, lethal grip traps, etc.


I guess you found this web page because you have a raccoon problem and want to kill the raccoons. Here is an analysis of various methods. NEED LOCAL ...

Raccoon Poison and Methods of Killing - PestKill.org


Poison is a popular raccoon control method. But is the use of raccoon poison risky and what other methods of raccoon extermination homeowners may use?

How to Kill a Raccoon - Wildlife Removal


How to Kill a Raccoon. You can use a lethal body-grip trap that will snap its neck, or you can shoot it. NEVER EVER attempt to poison a raccoon - I know from ...

How to Kill Raccoons with Poison or Other Methods


If you need raccoon help, click my Nationwide List of Raccoon Removal Experts for a pro near you. How To Kill A Raccoon There is no doubt that raccoons can ...

Is there a way to make homemade raccoon poison? | Reference.com


Homemade raccoon poison is frequently made by mixing toxic fly bait with Coca Cola to disguise the taste; however, killing raccoons in this manner is strongly ...

Raccoon Poison - How to Kill Raccoons - AAAnimalControl.com


08.05.2003 - Okay, first of all, I aint no tree-hugging animal rights fanatic. I understand that you want to poison those freaking raccoons that are causing you a ...

How To KILL A Raccoon That's Raiding Your Garden - page 1 ...


Lots of articles talk about how to "control" raccoons and how to "divert" raccoons and how to "live-trap" raccoons. I have a different perspective.

Will Coke (Cola) kill Raccoons? - Google Groups


Jun 12, 2010 ... I have a real problem with raccoons around this farm. I have tried ... several items about mixing in poison (golden maldrin fly bait,,maybe a

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May 12, 2015 ... How to Kill Raccoons. Part of the series: Home & Lawn Pest Control. The only humane way to fill raccoons is by contacting a professional pest ...