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This article is about the plumbing device. For the cooking utensil, see colander or sieve ... In houses, stainless steel strainers are often used in sinks, showers and bathtubs. Water lines or kitch...

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Studying the topic “River Hazards—Strainers” from the official Water Rescue for the First Responder Course Boating License Study Guide.

a person or thing that strains.
a filter, sieve, or the like for straining liquids.
a stretcher or tightener.
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Keckley pipeline strainers are suited for an assortment of applications such as: Petroleum Production & Refining; Pulp & Paper; Food & Beverage; Water ...

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Downstream equipment such as pumps that require protection by strainers are normally also dependent upon a minimum head pressure in order that they shall  ...

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Strainers arrest pipeline debris such as scale, rust, jointing compound and weld metal in pipelines, protecting equipment and processes. This tutorial considers ...

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Man has discovered and documented about 9800 currently living bird species. ... of water plants and aquatic invertebrates, usually have strainer-style beaks.

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Mar 2, 2015 ... Herons have long, spearlike beaks that can be used to catch fish. ... plants and shellfish that flamingos pull from the water to eat. strainer beak ...

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Have students pay particular attention to the beaks of any birds they see. ... birds that have beaks that act like strainers; they filter their food, plants, seeds, and ...

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