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East Midlands English is a traditional dialect with modern local and social variations spoken in ... This covers approximately the East Midlands of England ( Derbyshire, .... TH-fronting became a potential feature of the accents of the region in around .... Northamptonshire is in the East Midlands region defined in the late 20th ...

May 10, 2012 ... Regional Dialect Meme (Northampton, England, UK) ... The Accent Tag - British / English (midlands, northamptonshire) - Duration: 4:16.
Jan 10, 2013 ... Regional Dialect Meme (Northampton, England, UK) - Duration: 3:54. GpAuYl 16,841 views · 3:54. The English Language In 24 Accents ...


Jan 14, 2005 ... Q: If I was asked to describe a Northamptonshire accent, I'd say it's .... accent though is unique and quite unlike any other part of england.


This has absolutely nothing to do with Switzerland, but maybe someone could help us anyway: My wife, as you know, comes from the North ...


The conversation follows a loose structure based on eliciting opinions about accents, dialects, the words we use and people's attitude to language. The five ...


[00:07:27] Discussion about Northamptonshire accent, regional accents they find ... whether people in England should have to speak English, how they identify ...


The fact that Northampton proudly claims to be England's largest town should give you some indication of ..... Northampton folk have the strangest accent ever.


Listen to accents and dialects of England for free from IDEA, the world's ... Some major cities are Derby, Nottingham, Lincoln, Northampton, and Leicester.