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The superclass Tetrapoda or the tetrapods /ˈtɛtrəpɒd/, comprises the first four- limbed .... Tetrapoda includes four classes: amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds. Overall ......

Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy - Lecture Notes 5


consists of pectoral & pelvic girdles plus skeleton of fins & limbs; Some vertebrates ... tetrapods with even vestiges of anterior limbs, e.g., turtles & birds & mammals ... Tetrapods - pair of cartilaginous plates form in embryos & each ossifies at 2 ...

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2. Compare the human amino acid sequence with each of these five animals by ... Paired appendages and spinal column: in all species except lamprey ... Write your answer in the hexagon below the arrow pointing to the name of that animal. ... Chickens and turkeys are both birds and have the same sequence of amino ...

95.05.08: The Animal Kingdom


For example, amphibians, reptiles, and birds belong to the phylum Chordata. ... The scientific name assigned to animals without backbones is Invertebrata, ... which is divided into eight different classes: (1) class Aves (birds), (2) class Fish, .... Arthropods are characterized by their paired, jointed appendages, which are often ...

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1 Objectives; 2 The Vertebral Column; 3 The Skull; 4 The Rib; 5 The Forelimb; 6 The Hind Limb; 7 The Girdles; 8 Categories Of Bones; 9 Bird Skeletons ... Fish, frogs, reptiles, birds and mammals are called vertebrates, a name that ... Paired ribs are attached to each thoracic vertebra against which they move in breathing.

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**The species name always consists of the Genus name (Homo) ... worms, insects, fish, birds, humans. .... appendages, first 2 pair different from the rest.

Appendicular Skeleton


The appendicular skeleton includes the paired fins or limbs and the girdles, the ... General name, Forelimb, Hind limb ... Only three digits are present; these are most likely 1, 2, and 3, based on comparisons with Archaeopteryx, the first bird.

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KINGDOM, Animalia, All other multicellular animals e.g. birds, mammals, worms, starfish ... Common Name, Bulldog ant ... a segmented body and paired limbs.

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The biological question is whether the number of horseshoe crabs has gone up ... "Paired t–test" is just a different name for "two-way anova without replication, ...

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The Sanderling's black legs blur as it runs back and forth on the beach, ... Other Names ... Whenever you see a flock of shorebirds abruptly take flight all at once, scan the ... and both members of a breeding pair chase intruders from the territory . ... to 30 feet high or more while vocalizing; these displays can last 2 minutes.

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Feb 10, 2008 ... According to the lateral-fin theory, paired limbs are derived from ... Fig. 2. Formation of adult radial muscles from embryonic muscle buds, ... (Bottom) Names of corresponding parts of pelvic appendages are shown in parentheses. ... Elements of the girdle of the reptiles were modified in birds to permit flight.

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5A-K-2 #1: Some animals and plants are alike in the way they look ..... their name suggests, they are able to eat small birds such as ... The first pair of legs has.

Chapter 48: Vertebrates


2. A flexible rod, the notochord, forms on the dorsal side of the primitive gut in the early embryo and is present at some ... pair of pharyngeal slits are lost. This remaining .... The name vertebrate comes from the indi- ... great lines of terrestrial vertebrates, birds (descendants of .... Jawless fishes with no paired appendages;.