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An undergraduate degree is a colloquial term for an academic degree taken by a person who .... require a master's degree (stricto sensu), meaning that a Lato Sensu Degree is usually insufficient...

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May 8, 2015 ... Does anyone have clear understanding about what does undergraduate/ graduate/post-graduate student mean in USA? I've seen this nice ...

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Dec 8, 2011 ... What Does an Undergraduate Degree Involve? Wondering what is an ... This means higher expense to the student. So, try your best to plan out ...

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Undergraduate refers to a student studying towards his first college/university degree. see: the definition of undergraduate. Examples; Word Origin.

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An undergraduate is a college or university student who's not a graduate student. After high school, you can become an undergraduate.

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Oct 11, 2016 ... As an international student, you want to find the top undergraduate ... It is much more difficult to do so in graduate programs, as they are ...

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If you fail a course you do not get any points. ... The first degree you study towards at university is called an undergraduate degree, eg, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor ...

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Before you apply for a Undergraduate or Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma there are a number of things you should consider. Read more  ...

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Undergraduate definition, a student in a university or college who has not ... is perhaps the thing which you will find hardest to do after the undergraduate ...

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What's the difference between Graduate and Undergraduate? ... Meaning (in the U.S.), A graduate program is a 1-6-year college master's degree ... the 4.5 million international students seeking degrees do so in the U.S. because of their value ...

[uhn-der-graj-oo-it, -eyt]
a student in a university or college who has not received a first, especially a bachelor's, degree.
having the standing of an undergraduate.
of, for, pertaining to, or characteristic of undergraduates.
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