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What barometer indicates that foul weather is approaching


A falling pressure on the barometer indicates bad weather approaching, especially if falling ... Who's on the cover of your new album When I Was Younger ? ... Usually on boats they have a barometer, and when the barometer begins to fall it ...

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A falling barometer indicates foul weather is approaching. Watch for wind direction shifts ... Head toward the nearest safe shore if a thunderstorm is approaching.

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Bad weather has a dampening effect on any boating experience. The wind, rain and rough water associated with bad weather poses a safety hazard to the unsuspecting boater. ... It is not difficult to be your own weather forecaster. ... Keep a weather watch, and make the right decision to return to shore when warnings indicate.

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Operating your vessel without prior knowledge of potential weather hazards may ... obvious indications that bad weather is approaching; Barometric readings: A rising ... indicates fair weather, while a falling barometer indicates foul weather ...

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Remember that winds can mean either an approach of good or bad weather, ... Shearwaters may even seek solace on your boat during a large tempest in high ... But if it is in the web's center, it could indicate that fair weather will be around for ...

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A falling barometer reading usually indicates that a storm or wet weather is approaching. ... What are some indications of foul weather? ... Approaching low- pressure systems or fronts will often bring precipitation and clouds. ... A Skier Is Being Towed behind a Boat Who Has Responsibility for Avoiding Other Boats and ...

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The importance of checking the weather and water conditions before going boating. ... Only risk operating your boat in bad weather if you are confident that you can ... This warning indicates winds of at least 18 knots (24 mph) and rough, wavy ...

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... Boater's guide. Enhance your understanding of boating safety today. ... slowly or rapidly. Compare the change to the currentreading and the season to learn the approaching weather. ... Wispy and white indicate fair weather. Low clouds are ...

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Aug 8, 2012 ... ... its fluctuation indicates the movement of weather fronts and systems. ... As a very general rule, approaching weather systems - such as cold and ... 70 feet of water, even if the fishing had been good in previous days. ... We hung around just long enough to boat 15 fish before the storm forced our departure.

Explain how a falling barometer indicates bad weather is ahead ...


Jun 21, 2007 ... Explain how a falling barometer indicates bad weather is ahead. ... However, if the air mass is bone dry, the pressure may fall all day and no ... Falling baromewter will indicate that some low pressure area is approaching.

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What indicates that foul weather is approaching when boating


When out on a lake or ocean, changes in wind patterns are usually the first indication bad .... You would prefer to pass the boat on your starboard right side.

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Certain signs you can look for indicate an approaching weather change: Although ... If you have a barometer on your boat, check it every two to three hours.

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A falling barometer usually means bad weather is approaching, but it's as much the ... An especially rapid rise may indicate fair weather with strong winds. ... If your boat is equipped with radar, you can see the rain produced by thunderstorms.