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A falling barometer indicates foul weather is approaching. Watch for wind direction shifts, which usually indicate a weather change. Watch for lightning and  ...


A falling pressure on the barometer indicates bad weather approaching, especially if ... Weather men have special equipment that inform them on upcoming ...


You should never leave the dock without first checking the local weather forecast ... just as important in planning your trip as checking for fuel and required equipment. ... Certain signs you can look for indicate an approaching weather change:.


Indications of foul weather include a change in wind direction and speed due to low- or ... These are the traditional methods for detecting an approaching storm. ... are clumpy layers of clouds closer to the surface that indicate a storm is on the horizon. ... Before the invention of modern weather instruments, such as weather  ...


A shift in direction means a change in weather. ... Remember that winds can mean either an approach of good or bad weather, so watch for other signs to ... Approaching winds and double haloes are often heralds of stormy weather as well.


The art of non-instrument weather forecasting can be used to confirm weather .... In some areas, these clouds foretell good weather; in others, bad weather. ... then the red sky could indicate rain or stormy weather is approaching; if the weather ...


A barometer is an instrument that is used to predict the weather. ... indicates increasing air pressure; a "falling" barometer indicates decreasing air pressure.


Decreasing air pressure indicates the approach of a low pressure area, ... A barometer measures air pressure and is a well-known instrument to predict ... If it starts swirling and descending, the air pressure decreases and bad weather will be expected. ... If wet weather is approaching (3), the cloud will form a grayish veil.


Generally steady or rising pressure indicates fair weather while a falling pressure means a storm or foul weather is approaching. Barometers are the instruments ...