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The basic unit (quantum) of electromagnetic radiation (and therefore light), photons were first postulated by Planck, whose measurements of the blackbody spectrum showed that electromagnetic radiation... More »


A photon is a type of elementary particle, the quantum of the electromagnetic field including electromagnetic radiation such as light, and the force carrier for the ...


Aug 7, 2016 ... The photon is a construct that was introduced to explain the experimental observations that showed that the electromagnetic field is absorbed ...


February 2017 - Photons are tiny little particles of light, far too small to see individually. All light is made of photons (FOE-tahns). The earliest photons probably ...


What is a photon? This definition explains what a photon is and the history of its discovery, as well as how photons are understood in physics and the ...

May 2, 2015 ... Catalogue at https://xmphysics.wordpress.com/ Follow me on facebook: https:// www.facebook.com/xmphysics.


Kids learn about photons in the science of physics, the particles of energy that make up light including properties and how they interact with matter.


Sep 19, 2010 ... To put it simply photons are the fundamental particle of light. They have a unique property in that they are both a particle and a wave. This is ...


May 18, 2015 ... In this lesson, we will learn the definition of a photon. We will also explain Planck's constant and its relationship to the photon energy and...


In this video, David explains what a photon is and how to determine the energy of a photon.