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Traditionally, the sonnet is a fourteen-line poem written in iambic pentameter, which employs one of several rhyme schemes and adheres to a tightly structured thematic organization.
Two sonnet forms provide the models from which all other sonnets are formed: the Petrachan and the Shakespearean.
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The term sonnet is derived from the Italian word sonetto (from Old Provençal sonet a little poem, from son song, from Latin sonus a sound). By the thirteenth ...

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A Sonnet is a poem of an expressive thought or idea made up of 14 lines, each being 10 syllables long. Its rhymes are arranged according to one of the ...

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The word sonnet comes from the Italian word “sonetto” which means “little song”. A sonnet has come to be known generally as a poem containing fourteen lines ...

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The sonnet is a type of lyric poetry that started in Europe. After the 13th century, it began to signify a poem that had 14 lines which has an iambic pentameter ...

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The sonnet is a poem written in a strict poetic form that was very popular during Shakespeare's lifetime. Here we identify the characteristics of a sonnet.

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The Petrarchan sonnet, perfected by the Italian poet Petrarch, divides the 14 lines into two sections: an eight-line stanza (octave) rhyming ABBAABBA, and a ...

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A sonnet, in English poetry, is a poem of fourteen lines, usually in iambic pentameter, that has one of two regular rhyme schemes - although there are a couple of ...

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Definition, Usage and a list of Sonnet Examples in common speech and literature . Sonnet means a small or little song or lyric. In poetry, a sonnet has 14 fourteen ...

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Sonnet poems written by famous poets. Browse through to read poems for sonnet . This page has the widest range of sonnet love and quotes.

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Q: What is a Sonnet Poem?
A: a sonnet is a poem with no more than 14 lines if i'm not mistaken Read More »
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Q: What ia a sonnet poem.
A: a sonnet poem is a poem about home in 14 lines. Read More »
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Q: What is a Sonnet poem?
A: Jackie, a real sonnet poem is about love (not only between a man and a woman) It has 4 parts: the first 2 have 4 lines each. the last 2 have only 3 lines each. ... Read More »
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Q: What is a sonnet poem.
A: A Shakespearean, or English sonnet consists of 14 lines, each containing ten syllables and in iambic pentameter! Each line also had a pattern of a non-emphasize... Read More »
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Q: What is a sonnet poem.
A: A sonnet poem is a 14-line verse form usually having one of several conventional rhyme schemes. Thanks for doing the. Sonnet is a 14-line verse form usually hav... Read More »
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