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Photosynthesis is a process used by plants and other organisms to convert light energy into .... The process does not involve carbon dioxide fixation and does not release ... In plants and algae, ph...

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Photosynthesis occurs in the organelle called the chloroplast. The chloroplast contain the chlorophyll ... What part of the plant cell gives the plant its green color ? ... In what part of a chloroplast does the Calvin cycle take place? A: The Calvin  ...

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Photosynthesis takes place in small organelles called chloroplasts, which reside in some plant cells. Most photosynthetic cells are in the leaves of a plant, ...

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In plants, the process of photosynthesis takes place in the mesophyll of the leaves, ... An organelle found in the cells of green plants and photosynthetic algae ...

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In plant cell organelles called Chloroplasts, specifically in the Stroma (light independent reactions) and in Thylakoid stacks called grana (light dependent ...

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It takes place in the chloroplasts, in the stacks of discs called thykaloids.

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Matthew Warren gave you a good start (look up Chloroplast and Chlorophyll for details). As a complement to his answer, see Photosynthesis .ppsx (animated ...



Where does photosythesis occur? ... On the multicellular level, photosynthesis occurs in the leaves of plants. We will take an up-close & personal look at these in a bit ... On the cellular level, the reactions for photosynthesis occur in organelles ...

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Feb 18, 2016 ... Part of the photosynthesis reactions occur in an internal membrane within the ... occurs in the chloroplast, an organelle specific to plant cells.

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Likewise, photosynthesis, the means of converting light into chemical energy, is sequestered into organelles called chloroplasts, typically 5 μm long.

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Chloroplasts are the organelles found in plant cells that contain chlorophyll and undergo photosynthesis. ... Where does photosynthesis take place in a cactus?

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Photosynthesis takes place inside plant cells in small things called chloroplasts. Chloroplasts (mostly found in the mesophyll layer) contain a green substance ...

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Photosynthesis is a process by which plants & certain organisms convert the light energy to .... Where in a plant cell (what organelle) does photosynthesis occur? What pigment is contained in plant cells to absorb sunlight energy? How does ...